People overuse their massage chairs out of curiosity. A misconception more is better is common. Unfortunately, this case is the opposite of it. Trying every function out should not be your strategy. Before knowing how to get the massage done, you should be equally concerned about how long you should use a massage chair.

A massage chair is worth enjoying when used within a certain limit. Beyond that limit, it can be a really useless activity. Having more massage is not the solution to your sore muscles. Rather it may be the reason behind those sore muscles. You never know. Let’s find out together!

How Long Should You Use a Massage Chair | Explained

To get the best out of a massage chair, its optimal usage is a must. Overuse of massage chairs can make the situation even worse. I have seen people showing the least interest in this matter. Some people claim that their body hurts after having a massage on the massage chair. That’s because they are using it all wrong. So let me introduce you to how much time you should spend on a massage chair. Here I am categorizing it into four levels.

  • Newbies

People who are new to massage chairs should keep it slow. Make sure the excitement does not ruin your happiness. Sometimes, people buy a massage chair and spend hours in it trying every function out of it. This leads to muscle stiffening especially when you are not used to having massages before.

Keep it gentle for the first time. Beginners should not take more than 15 minutes sessions twice a week. This will ultimately make their body prune to pressures and heat. Eventually, they will be able to go to hard levels of massage.

  • Regulars

Then comes the regular users of massage chairs. These people have been introduced to massages in their early life. Their bodies are stiff and used to the pressures. They often feel wrenched when does not experience massage in a while. That means their body now relies on massage to bring back life into muscles.

People with such routines know when to massage. However, regular users are also not recommended for more than 30 minutes a day. They do this more often than newbies for example thrice a week. This makes it at least three times the massage that new birds take. Nevertheless, I would also mention that every person’s body type is different. You should not strictly follow a guide. Try things out and continue with the one that suits your body.

  • Physical Pain

Back pain is getting common with the rising trend of desk jobs. Bad posture leads to this problem. Some overworking also causes pain in shoulder muscles. Using massage chairs as therapy is amazing for such types. Using a massage chair as a pain reliever is great but overusing it may affect your immunity against pain.

Keep the session restricted within 10 minutes every time you need to get relief from the suffering part. Using it in the evenings, or when you return home after work is best in such cases. You can also moisturize your skin before having a massage if you fall in this category. Additionally, rise the temperature for better effects.

  • Fun and Relaxing

Having a massage chair in the lounge to rest on it and read books is also fun. Some people have it for relaxing purposes. They do not aim to use it regularly or relieve their back pain. They just want it for recreation. Quite right it is.

If you are such a person, I would not recommend more than two sessions a week for 20 minutes at max. This will give you a full fledge massage without muscle stiffening.

The article is definitely not complete without answering the following queries. Let me clear the confusion out of your mind.

Best Time of Day for a Massage

best time of the day to use a massage chair

Massage soothes the body, relieves the pain, and brings calmness into your life. I often experience sour shoulder muscles due to mental stress. Sitting on a massage chair is my favorite thing to do at the end of the day. I keep it slow and gentle in the evenings to enjoy good sleep. The experience is such that it absorbs all the pain of the day out of my body. However, my sister loves to do it in the mornings.

Hence, everyone has a different routine and the massage routine varies from person to person. However, using it before leaving to work and after you reach home before going to bed are the best times at a moment.

Sessions of Massage Per Week

Beginners should not have more than an hour of massage a week. The regulars can stretch it up to two hours a week. More than this may cause your body to rely on massage. This is the least you would want for your body. No matter how good a machine can be for you, nothing can beat your immune system. Try to rely on the natural immune more than the machines.

Over Usage of a Massage Chair (How to know)

Your muscles will automatically tell you about the over usage of your massage chair. Instead of feeling calm and active, you will feel more tired. Your body hurts, and the muscles got weak. In addition, as I have discussed already, a massage of two hours a week is sufficient for everyone.

Load that a Massage Chair Can Bear

A massage chair has motors and rollers. Operating a massage chair for hours and hours continuously damages the motors. The rotary parts can only work up to a certain time, after that the temperature rises due to friction. This leads to complete damage to electrical parts. Massage chairs are so designed to operate continuously for hours. However, giving rest can increase the lifetime of your chair.

Starting with Short Massage Increments

In the beginning, we always recommend starting with 1 hour a week length of massage. With time, you can increase the time up to two and a half hours a week. These short increments enhance the efficiency of a massage and make it a better experience. This short increment in the massage routine allows the body to adapt to the changing routine and become flexible.

Avoid Massage Chair When:

People who have bone problems should not use a massage chair. Especially osteoporosis disease should not come near a massage chair. This can be extremely dangerous for them. Additionally, those who have spinal cord injuries or fractures should also avoid using massage chairs because they can dislocate the disk or bone.


People have also asked the following questions;

  • How many times a day should you get a massage

For a regular user, the massage should not exceed 20 minutes. It can be achieved in two sessions a day or four. However, most of the time, twice a day is the most convenient and optimal. Remember that your body type tells how much of a massage you can bear.

  • How long a massage chair works without any break?

A standard massage chair can work for several hours without stopping. Expensive massage chairs guarantee a wholesome massage experience. At a time, it can work for 4-5 hours consecutively. However, a massage chair should not be used for more than half an hour.

There are built-in programs in a massage chair. The program offers a complete massage at a time. It comes with short breaks as well. Using the chair with one particular massage program is sufficient.

  • Is a massage chair safe?

Massage chairs are definitely the safest and most convenient way of getting a massage. There is no doubt that a massage chair cannot replace the human touch. Nevertheless, manufacturers are working hard to bring the best out of it. People with problems related to bones or severe injuries should not use massage chairs. Except for them, it is fine for adults.


Anything beyond a certain limit is harmful, and so does the massage chair. Optimal usage of a massage chair is essential for getting the best out of it. A massage chair often comes with several programs that are sufficient for a moment. However, if you want to have more, you can also opt. other functions. Doing more than the required massage can hurt your body as well. Be careful with your massage chair from now onwards. Good luck!

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