If you are looking for the best massage chairs then you have landed at the right place. The most common issue people find in massage chair is overheating and cost. Sometimes, the massage chair runs out of power. We have prepared a list of top massage chairs. A massage chair lowers blood pressure and produces a calm effect on your body. It imitates the hand motion of the therapist and provides great luxury. The real Relax massage chair is the top massage chair according to our research.

But wait there is more, people are busy nowadays. They cannot go to the spa every day, so if they want a calming and soothing effect, a massage chair is the best choice. Some massage chairs are very costly. We have reviewed the list of massage chairs with low prices, advanced technology, and a newly invented infrared heating roller mechanism. It is based on our months of research and great experience using these gadgets.

Best Massage Chairs in 2023 | Top Pick Reviews

1. Real Relax 2023 Massage Chair

Real relax 2023 massage chair

Real relax is one of the most trusted brands of customers, and that is why the brand stands first on our list. This massage chair is top-rated due to its friendly budget and lots of great features.

Zero Gravity

It is a zero-gravity design weighing only 200 pounds. This makes it lightweight and easy to use. In a zero gravity position, you raise your legs above the stomach and heart, thus enabling you to adjust the weight easily.

Rollers and Airbags

A massage chair has eight massage neck-back rollers. It is very effective for neck pain. This chair has a remote to set the rollers and airbags, and massage body parts. Rollers and airbags also massage the foot and keep your foot relaxed and calm and free of any kind of pain. This chair has 50 airbags which are placed over the shoulder, arm, seat, and legs. This is an excellent feature to massage your body gently. Airbags massage your full body and remove any kind of stress from your muscles.

Bluetooth and LED Light

It comes with two custom boxes and Bluetooth audio play. A massage chair has an LED light of different colors. The built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to your favorite music. The remote of the massage chair will enable you to change your heat setting and intensity of massage as well as firm or soft massage.

Built-in Waist Heater

A massage chair has a built-in waist heater, which promotes blood circulation. As we know, the waist area is a high-pressure zone that can make off the stress of the body, so this is a trendy feature in this massage chair.

It is soothing and comfortable with exciting features and massage techniques. This chair is very popular in the UK also. Although this chair has some great features at such a low price, the chair is not full zero gravity and does not get all the way horizontal. But this is an excellent buy if you are tight on budget and want a massage chair full of features.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Zero gravity
  • Eight massage neck back rollers
  • 50 airbags
  • Built-in waist heater
  • LED light feature
  • Not full zero gravity

Thus due to incredible features and advanced technology like a built-in waist heater  50 airbags, and LED light-changing features, this chair is the best massage chair on our list.

2. Esright Massage Recliner Chair – Best Budget Pick

Esright Massage Chair

If you want a massage chair at a cheap price, then Esright massage recliner chair should be your choice.

Five Relaxing Function

The chair has five great functions, which include vibrating, reclining, heating, and 360-degree swivel. If you have a hard day at work and want to relax then a smooth locker and 360-degree swivel seat will help you in this regard.

Soft Leather Faux Design

It has a low leather faux design that is padded with an extra thick sponge that is suitable for arm wrest and chronic back pain.

Elegant Design

This chair has two bags in which you store your additional items, and this chair is excellent for the living room.

Manual Control

The chair has a 140-degree manual control recline feature, which includes a remote controller. The remote controller has five power modes and two intensity modes.

Easy to Assemble

This chair is easy to assemble design, and obvious instructions are written on the manual. Thus, this is a great buy for a low budget.

This chair is one of the best home massage chairs, but there is difficulty in aligning the sides of the arm to the chair. The armrest side is tough to install, and you need to spray a thin layer of WD40 to get the perfect installation.

  • 5 Relaxing function
  • Soft faux leather design
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Meager price
  • Armrest installation is complicated

To sum up, this chair is the best to buy if you are extremely low on budget. Overall built quality and features are exceptional for those having a tight budget.

3. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Kahuna LM-6800 massage chair

Finding an amazing massage chair is very crucial for the proper soothing and comfort of your body in these times of high workload. Very few brands provide you with all the features at a reasonable price. Kahuna is one of those brands. This chair has some incredible features due to which it stands no 3rd in our list.

L Track Roller Massage System

This chair has an L-track roller massage system. These systems allow you to get the full message of the body. The massage system covers your entire body and provides you with soothing and comfortable effects.

Zero Gravity Feature

A massage chair has a zero-gravity feature that makes you feel weightless. It has upgraded its technology of zero gravity feature. This is very good for people with chronic back pain.

Different Massage Techniques

Kahuna is the only brand that uses a lot of massage techniques. It is a superior brand in terms of this feature. The massage chair uses dual foot rollers, foot padding,  air cell technology, and airbags to massage the full body.

Space Saving and 3D Scanning Technology

It has space-saving technology, which is highly suitable for the massage of the arms. The 3d scanning technology scans your entire body and tells you which parts of your body need a massage. Thus, you can get the massage in more tense parts, which makes it an excellent user experience.

Auto Programs and Heat Therapy

This massage chair has six different auto programs, which include special yoga stretching programs, and dual foot rollers on the feet area. These dual footers have a washable foot area for hygienic purposes. This chair provides heated massage therapy in the calf zone.

Although it has a lot of great features, the fabric on the foot roller is not valid, which causes pain to the foot area. So the company needs to add some extra padding. Moreover, the heated massage has no temperature control, and you cannot adjust the temperature by turning the heat off and on.

  • L-track roller massage system
  • Zero gravity-enhanced feature
  • Space saving
  • 3d scanning technology
  • Heated massage therapy
  • Fabric thin on foot roller
  • Cannot adjust the temperature

In short, this massage chair is one of the top quality massage chairs in the world due to space-saving, enhanced zero gravity, and heated massage of the full body-like features.

4. Furgle Power Lift  Massage Chair

Furgle Power Lift Massage chair

The machine has a capacity of 300 pounds weight with high mobility, and this chair is getting famous day by day due to excellent customer service. It is a compact massage chair and has lots of useful features

Power Recliner

This machine is a power recliner with an electric and silent motor. This feature is beneficial for older people because the motor pushes the entire chair up, and older people can stand easily without the issue of back and knee pain.

Remote Control

This chair has two remote control, one is the massage control, and the other is a lifting remote control. With the help of a lifting remote control, a lift control chair can be adjusted to any position. A massage chair has a heating function that works separately with vibration. The machine is super comfortable to use and easy to assemble.

Artificial Leather Feature

This massage chair has high-grade faux leather, which is durable and super easy to clean. Overstuffed high-density sponge also provides excellent comfort and ease.

Easy to Assemble

The product comes with a clear instruction guide and is very easy to assemble and use. The heat from the remote can be turned on and off.

Thus, this is a good machine and a good buy for the price also, but there is nothing perfect in this world. The massage chair is small and not recommended for people with a height of more than 6 feet. So you need to keep this thing in mind before buying this.

  • Electric and silent motor
  • Very good for elderly people
  • Two remote control
  • Easy-to-use guide
  • Soft faux leather
  • Not for tall people

Thus, due to great features like soft faux leather and greater ease of use, this is a quality massage chair for older people.

5. RELAXON Chair MK-II Plus – Full Body Massage Chair

Relaxon MK-ii Massage Chair

Next on our list of best massage chairs is the Relaxon chair.  is an excellent chair that stands equal to its competitor due to its great features.

Lumbar Back Heating

This chair has a lumber back heating feature, which improves your posture. It has a low heating element at the lumbar region of the massage chair that has a soothing and calming effect on your body.

Three Zero Gravity Position

A great feature of this chair is that it offers three zero-gravity positions. This feature is rare in the industry, and very few chairs offer this feature at the same price. Zero gravity position raises your body to the level of the heart and thus removes any kind of stress on your vertebrae and muscles.

L-Track Massage System

This chair has an L-track massage system that provides a full-body massage. It includes four automated programs and five different massage systems to give a soothing effect to your body.

Deep Tissue Massage

This chair provides you with deep tissue massage. It has a stretching function that is called a spinal decompression program. The chair has vigorous air cell pinning that moves your legs back and forth in a calculated manner.

3d Scanning and Airbags

The machine provides the 3d scanning of the body and adjusts the rollers accordingly. It has 21 airbags, which is a good number for the full body massage of your body. Thus this chair has great diversity and is an excellent fit for your body.

Thus this chair has some excellent features, but it has some drawbacks due to which it stands fourth in our list. Sometimes the beeping sounds during the mode selection are too loud. You cannot control the temperature in this chair, and the foot roller is a bit rough and feels too intense in the arch area.

  • Lumbar back heating
  • Three zero-gravity position
  • L Track massage system
  • Deep tissue massage
  • 3d body scanning
  • Beeping sounds
  • Foot roll is a bit rough

To sum up, this chair is good to buy due to lumbar back heating and three zero gravity specifications.

6. Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massgae Chair 

Kahuna Superior SM-7300

Kahuna’s brand always comes with something extraordinary. This massage chair has some useful features, and it is specially built by taking into consideration tall people.

Six Body Rollers

The chair has six body rollers with SL track technology, so you can experience six different hands massaging your body. This is an excellent feature and provides you with a soothing and calming effect.

Space Saving

It has a great space-saving feature. This chair can take only 5-6 inches to extend completely. Most chair takes space of 12 inches, so you do not have enough room. SM-7300 has solved this problem for you. It also added 3 inches to the shoulder and hip area, so it can accommodate all body types up to 6ft5 inches and 320lbs.

9 Auto-Programs

The chair has nine auto programs, including four special programs. Yoga stretching and fast recovery provide extreme comfort and relaxation in zero-gravity positions.

Different Massage Techniques

It performs massage with varying methods like kneading, tapping, knocking, and tapping plus knocking. Shiatsu massage on a specific part of the body is soothing. The massage chair has a human massage-like effect, and you feel like you have a massager in your home.

Thus this is a good chair, but due to poor remote interface, this chair does not make the top of our list. You cannot save your preferred massage mode, and in order to change your settings, you must select your option even during a massage.

  • Six body rollers
  • Space saving
  • Nine auto programs
  • Different massage techniques
  • Nine auto programs
  • Poor remote interface

Thus, you can buy this chair if you are looking at the six-body roller with SL tracking and nine auto program-like features.

7. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Massage chair

Medical breakthrough makes an excellent massage chair that will provide you with a stress-free environment after a full day of work. It is one of the highest-rated massage chairs.

Deep Tissue 3d

The chair is built on the study of different massage techniques. It includes Japanese 3D massage, neck therapy, shoulder massage ancient roman therapy. This massage chair has a deep tissue 3D, which is its specific feature.

Specialists Design

It is a massage chair designed by doctors, surgeons, and pain specialists. So an excellent massage chair for relieving pain.

Advanced Rollers

The machine has advanced rollers called 3d rollers, which help you to control the depth of the massage. So an excellent feature that provides you with greater comfort and ease.

Zero Gravity Position

The chair has a zero-gravity position that distributes your weight evenly, which ensures a deep sense of relaxation. A massage chair is super comfortable on the shoulder. But it has only a zero gravity position, which is a drawback.

Bluetooth and Wheels

This chair has Bluetooth technology so that you can listen to any kind of music during the massage. Wheels are present on the bottom so you can move them anywhere.

This massage chair has great features but is costly, and if you are low on budget, you cannot buy it. It provides all the quality that you need in the massage chair. It is one of the best massage chairs.

  • Deep tissue 3D
  • Advanced rollers
  • Zero gravity position
  • Bluetooth and wheel
  • Higher cost
  • Only one zero-gravity position

Thus, this one is the best deep tissue massage chair due to incredible features like deep tissue 3d and advanced rollers.

8. Titan Osaki OS-4000 Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

Titan Osaki OS-4000 Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

If you want a company that provides high-quality tools at affordable prices, Osaki is not a bad choice to consider. The company offers quality tools with greater ease of use.

Advanced Scan System

This chair has a progressive scan system that allows you to scan the curvature more accurately and identify the most troubling parts of your body and provides a soothing effect on them.

Heat Therapy

Heated massage therapy is an essential aspect of providing a calming effect on your body. A massage chair has two heating pads, and the pad is present on each side in the lower lumbar area.

Wireless Controller

A wireless controller allows you to change the position and settings without having to reach the main remote. The main remote is very easy to use and will enable you to control five levels of speed and intensity.

But the machine is not suitable for tall people, and it provides only limited heat in the lumbar region.

  • Advanced scan system
  • Heat therapy
  • Wireless control
  • Not for tall people
  • Less heat in the lumbar region

Thus this is suitable for short people, and features like wireless control and greater ease of use make it a good buy.

9. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full body Electric shiatsu massage chair is one of the best chairs by the Best Massage. If you are coming back home after a tense day at the office and want to soothe your organ and muscles, then this chair is one of the best massage chairs in the world. It has the following features

Greater Adjustability

It is a great massage chair with a wide range of adjustability. You can adjust the angle according to your needs. Speed, width control, and intensity control have different levels like air massage pressure has four levels. This massage chair provides a calming and soothing massage and relieves all the tension from your brain and heart.

Airbags and Heat Therapy

A massage chair has 21 different airbags that perform well with heat therapy. Heated massage therapy with airbags can take all the strain off your muscles and makes you healthy and strong.

Advanced Body Scanning

The chair has advanced body scanning that scans the entire body and provides massage to the troubling parts.

Thus, this chair is good for its price, but sometimes the rollers get defective, and the control pad has issues. So keep these things in mind before buying this chair.

  • Greater adjustability
  • Airbags and heat therapy
  • Advanced body scanning
  • Defective roller
  • Control pad issues

Thus, greater adjustability and advanced body scanning features make this massage chair worth buying.

10. Daiwa Massage Chair Majesty

Daiwa Majesty

Daiwa Massage chair has produced some massage chairs that provide a soothing and calming effect on your body. Here is the feature of this massage chair

L-Shaped Massage Track

The chair has an L-shaped massage track system that massages your body from both horizontal and vertical positions. It is superior to chairs that have an s-shaped massage system. It also covers your spine, thus helping you to improve your posture. Thus, this chair provides a calming effect with its improved technology.

Body Scanning System

Daiwa massage chair has a great body scanning system that scans the most troubling parts of your body and enhances accuracy and precision. This helps you in getting a great user experience.

Zero Gravity Position

It provides you with 2 zero gravity positions. Zero gravity is a great position in which you have legs at the level of your heart. This will help to remove all the strain from your muscles and makes you healthy and relaxed after work.

Massage Option and Heat Therapy

There are eighteen different massage options present in this chair which is an excellent thing. It provides heated massage therapy, especially in the lumbar region that will help you to remove any kind of strain from your muscles.

Thus this is an excellent massage chair if you are high on budget and want to buy a quality massage chair.

Thus this chair is a great buy due to its excellent features and If you want a chair for the long term this is the way to go.

  • L-shaped massage track
  • Body scanning system
  • Zero gravity position
  • Massage option and heated therapy
  • Expensive than others in the market

To sum up, this chair is a great buy due to its excellent features and If you want a chair for the long term this is the way to go.

11. Human Touch Whole Body 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch Whole Body 7.1

Human touch is a brand that provides you with some exciting chairs at a low price. This chair has some good features according to our research.

Body Map Pro

This is an excellent chair and it offers great customer service. This chair has a body pro feature that provides your relief in the areas that are most affected.

5 Massage Programs

This chair has 5 massage programs that provide you with comfort and relaxation in your home. Full, upper, lower, sleep, and relax massage provide you with the most calming and relaxing effect. This chair will take all the pressure and tension from your body.

Seamless Orbital Massager

It has 3d orbital massage technology that provides you with a great user experience in your home. A massage chair has a 3-year warranty.

But the leg and foot massagers are not good. They do not provide satisfying massage on thin legs. This massage chair cause problem in people above six feet in height. The chair is not recommended for tall people.

  • Body map pro
  • Five massage programs
  • Seamless orbital massager
  • Leg and foot massagers are not goof
  • Not recommended for tall people

In short, this chair is right for short people but anyone above six feet in height might look at the above options.

12. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner

The massage chair has some excellent features, and Medical Breakthrough develops it.

Greater Adjustability

A massage chair has greater adjustability, and you can adjust any type of massage mode from the remote control. This is one of the best-customized massage chairs.

Specialists Developed

This message is developed by professionals, doctors, and surgeons. So it has all the great features that you want in the massage chair.

Full Body Scan

The massage chair provides you full-body scan and finds the most troubled parts of your body. Then it provides you with soothing and calming effects in those areas.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is one of those features that you want in a massage chair. You will feel absolutely weightless in this massage chair. It will provide you with a calming and soothing effect and relieve all your pain.


CHIROPRACTIC backstretch is an extremely good feature for chronic back pain. This stretches your back muscles and removes all the pain and stress you find in your back. The action is performed by inflatable airbags that will gently stretch your hip muscles and remove all the pain from them.

It is the best massage chair but the instructions are not easy to read and apply which is the only drawback.

  • Great adjustability
  • Full body scan
  • Zero gravity
  • Backstretch
  • Specialists developed
  • Instructions are not good

Thus, this is a good massage chair due to its greater adjustability and backstretch.

13. RelaxZen Deluxe Padded Massage Recliner

RelaxZen Deluxe Padded

RelaxZen is one of the best massage chairs in the low-budget range. It has some exciting features

Heated Therapy

A massage chair has excellent heat therapy function in the lumbar region. This function will remove all the strain from your body and provides you with a cool and calm environment.

8 Vibration Massage Motors

It has eight vibration massage motors that provide you with a relaxing effect in the upper back, mid-back, thigh, and calves muscles. Thus, this massage chair is extremely good for chronic back pain.

Advanced System

With 9 pre-programmed random modes and 5 intensity levels, this massage is a good buy for the price.

Reclining Feature and Heating Ability

The massage chair has a reclining feature and is smooth in transitioning positions. It has a good heating ability which provides you good user experience.

But it has some issue which is right for such a low price. The electronic wires are loose and the power adapter does not work. The power of vibrations also decreases significantly with time.

  • Heated Therapy
  • 8 vibration massage motors
  • Advanced system
  • Reclining feature
  • Electronic wires are loose
  • Vibration power decreases significantly

Thus this is a good chair when you look at the budget but a decrease in power and a loose wiring system are its drawback.

14. KAHUNA SUPERIOR Massage Chair – SM-9000

Kahuna SM-9000

Sometimes you want all the features in the massage chair, then you should spend more money buying this type of massage chair. Kahuna is the most trusted brand and it provides such a massage chair with incredible features. This is one of the high-end chairs in the market.

Infrared Heating Mechanism

The massage chair has an infrared heating mechanism that allows the heated massage to penetrate into the body tissues, thus promoting better blood circulation. This provides a cooling and calming effect for your body and removes any kind of toxic substances from your body.

SL Track System

The massage chair covers your entire body with air float 3d technology and SL track mechanism. This technology provides you with excellent massaging service of your entire and removes any kind of tiredness you have in your body.

Greater Compatibility

The massage chair is compatible with all types of people. This chair is an excellent choice for people up to 6 feet 5 and 320 lbs weight which makes it an excellent choice.

Great Material

The material used for this chair is of high quality. Soft leather provides you great user experience and you never get tired of sitting on the chair.

Although this is an expensive chair if you want to buy a high-quality chair then this is your first choice.

  • Infrared heating mechanism
  • SL track system
  • Greater compatibility
  • Best for any size/age person
  • A bit costly

To sum up, if you want all the features in a single chair, then this chair is recommended for you by our team.

15. Titan Massage Chair by Pro Alpha

Titan Massage Chair by Pro Alpha

Titan massage chair by pro alpha provides you with a great and relaxing chair that will meet your needs. Here are some of its features

L massage Track System

The machine has an L massage track system that massages your entire body. It will provide you with cooling and soothing effects. Thus removing any kind of muscle strains from your body.

Zero Gravity

This massage chair has two stages of zero gravity functions that massage your entire body. One stage of zero gravity is more reclined in which your legs are above the heart level. Thus, this is an excellent chair to remove all kinds of toxic material from your body

Space Saving and Auto Massage

A massage chair has space-saving technology and an auto massage system. A massage chair has 6 auto massage programs that cover your entire body and provide a relaxing effect This chair has space-saving technology that allows you to get more space even in a reclined position. Thus this is an excellent massage chair due to its striking features.

Foot Rollers and Airbags

Foot rollers remove any kind of pain from the foot. It provides you with a deep and complete massage. Moreover, if you are tired after walking and jogging, this chair can relieve all your pain. It has 28 airbags and provides a good air massage service.

But the user guide is not easy to apply and there are many complex functions and airbags do not last long which is a drawback.

  • L massage track system
  • Zero gravity
  • Space saving
  • Foot rollers
  • Complex functions
  • Airbags do not last

Thus this chair has some good features but if you want a comparison, then the above options are a good choice.

16. Best Choice Products Massage Chair

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner

Some people do not have enough money but they want the facility of massage after their tiring day, we have solved this problem for you. This massage chair by best product is extremely low price and it provides some great features

Great Functions

Then the massage chair has some great functions. It has 5 pre-programmed massages and 9 intensity levels which allow a great level of functionality.

Comfortable Design

Double pad faux leather is excellent customer service. It provides you with a calming and relaxing effect. As a result, you do not feel any tiredness. This is a great feature of this massage chair.

Remote Control

A massage chair has a wireless remote control design that allows you to change settings. This is a great built-in feature

4d Arm Massage

4D arm massage massages your arms, fingers, and hands and you get the feeling of a real massage. After this, you do not want to leave this chair.

This chair has a good feature but it is not durable and you can buy it for short-term use. Some people experience cracks on the back, arms, and seat.

  • Great functions
  • Comfortable design
  • Remote control feature
  • 4D arm massage
  • Not durable as compared to other high-end massage chairs

If you want a massage chair for short-term projects then this chair should be your choice.

So we have mentioned all the quality brands of massage chairs that you must consider buying for your home or office. A massage chair is a great investment in your health so you must consider the following factors before buying one.

Best Massage Chair Buying Guide

Buying the best massage chair can be a difficult task. You need to keep everything in mind while buying a good massage chair. Performance and budget are the two factors you need to consider while buying a massage chair. You cannot expect a chair of low quality to have all the features of high-end massage chairs. Space and types of massages like deep tissue are the factors that play a crucial role in buying a good massage chair. Here we are going to provide you with a complete guide about a massage chair that will help you in buying a good massage chair.

Features to Consider While Buying a Massage Chair

  • Space

Space is a crucial factor when buying a good chair.If you have a small room and you want to buy a massage chair then it will cause a problem for you because the massage chair is not of normal chair size. Most of our selected has space-saving technology, so you can buy with full confidence and trust.

  • Weight

Weight is an important factor to consider while buying a massage. You need a massage chair that you can move and drag in your home.

  • Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is a crucial feature of a massage chair. It gives you the experience of the pilot under zero gravity. The gravity chair takes your feet and legs over your heart and massages your entire spine. This helps you to improve your posture. Zero gravity chairs are extremely good for chronic back pain. It has the following functions

  • Improves the circulation of blood
  • Improves the posture of your body
  • Boost the immune system
  • Relieve the pain from your body
  • Provide you relief from stress and pain
  • It helps you in controlling blood pressure
  • It helps you in removing strain from your muscles.


  • Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology provides you with a feature full of entertainment. You can listen to any type of music and enjoys your message at the same. We have conducted great research and included this feature in our selected list of chairs.

  • Massage Power

Massage power is an important factor you need to consider. Some people like a rough massage and some like a soft massage. So you need to know which type of massage is provided by the massage chair. If you like a soft massage chair then you cannot buy a chair that provides a rough massage.

  • Massage Rollers

Massage rollers provide you with an excellent user experience and provide a soothing effect on your body. Foot massage rollers remove all the strains on your muscles and make you fresh and healthy. So good massage rollers are important for an excellent user experience.

  • Heat Massage Therapy

Heated massage therapy provides you with an excellent feature of calming effect on your entire body. It massages your back and hip area and removes all tension on muscles. Some massage chair uses infrared massage rollers that cover your entire body. So better heat massage therapy is proportional to a better user experience.

  • Advanced Scan Technology

Some massage chairs have advanced scan technology that provides you with massage according to the most troubled parts of your body. This feature is very useful for both tall and short people because you do not want shoulder air cells to massage your neck. Thus this is a crucial feature for a good massage chair that makes an excellent user experience.

  • Airbags Massage Feature

Some massage chair provides an airbags compression feature. Massage chairs compress and decompress and thus remove all the strain from your muscles. Massage chairs have airbags and you can increase the intensity of your airbags accordingly. If you come from jogging and walking, then you need to increase the intensity of your massage chair for an intense massage.

  • Vibration Massage Feature

Vibration massage provides you with an excellent massage facility. Some massage chairs have the capacity of massaging only your buttocks region. But with the help of the vibration massage feature, you can massage your entire body right down to the leg. This massage chair with vibration massage is a good decision to buy.

  • Budget and Warranty

The budget is an important factor in buying a massage chair. If you want to buy a massage chair with all the features then you need to have a high budget. Sometimes you get all the features with an affordable budget. We have selected this type of massage chair on our list. Warranty is a crucial factor for a massage chair. All the massage chairs selected on our list have a good warranty. So you can buy with confidence and trust.

  • Durability and Ease of Use

Durability and ease of use are two factors you need to consider while buying a massage chair. The massage chair is not a thing you are going to buy daily, so better to buy a chair with good features and durability. Easy to read instruction guide is an excellent feature that will help you in the assembling of the massage chair. In our list, we have selected massage chairs with greater durability and ease of use.

  • Material and Massage Operation

You want soft leather for your massage chair. It provides you with a soothing and calming effect. All the massage chairs included in our list have soft leather and non-plastic properties. Leather in a massage chair helps you to enjoy the exciting experience of massage chairs. If you are coming home after doing work and want a relaxing effect on your body, you need a massage chair with a silent operation. Massage chairs with a silent operation have an excellent effect on your body. You do not want much noise during the massage.

  • Control Settings

Control settings are another exciting feature of a massage chair. Some massage chairs have a control panel and some have a remote control. Usually, you want your controls to have a large and easy-to-read button. All the chairs included in our list have an excellent remote control system.

  • Reclining Feature and Spinal Stretch

Some people use massage chairs to treat physical problems. So they are going to spend a lot of time in the massage chair. They want their chair to recline as far as possible and if you have a plan to sleep there you can stretch it fully. All the massage chairs included in our list have this feature.

Some people have spinal cord problems. This feature is very useful for all those people. You can stretch your spine and proper massage is conducted to reduce the pain. This feature is included in the massage chairs having affordable prices.

  • Great Predefined Programs

Some massage chair provides a great predefined program that uses a wild array of massage techniques. This will help you to get a greater user experience.

  • LED Light and Cup Holder

Some massage chair brands provide a great user experience, They include a cup holder and LED light in their massage chair. You can turn off the light and switch on the LED light to get an excellent view. The cup holder does not seem to be used at first look but if you want to hold your glasses and other accessories then it is an extremely good feature. Most of the massage chairs have these features in our selected list.

  • 4D Massage System

Most massage chairs do not have a real 4d massage system. Massage chairs on our list have this property. With the help of a 4D massage system, you have a deep tissue massage of your neck and back. In this way, you feel like a brand new person. This is modern technology and companies like Medical Breakthrough primarily focused on these incredible features

  • Massage Chair Upholstery

Some massage chair is made of synthetic material and some are made of leather. You need to look at this feature before buying the massage chair. While soft leather will provide you great user experience but the synthetic material can withstand heat and will be a durable product to use.

  • Commercial Massage Chair

Stress is an important factor that can consume your energy and makes you less effective. People working in big companies have lots of stress and tension during their work. If the company owner buys them a massage chair it can have an excellent effect on their working performance. An increase in performance means more productive work. This will lead to an increase in company performance. So a massage chair is excellent for commercial purposes.

  • Strength of Massage Chair

The strength of the massage chair is an important factor you need to consider while purchasing a good massage chair. Usually, the strength of a massage chair depends on the strength of the motor. Some massage chair offers a customizable design that allows you to control the strength. You can control the strength of the massage with the help of remote buttons.

  • Position of Massage Chair

A massage chair has the capacity to massage different positions of the body. Some massage chairs massage the arms, wrist fingers along with the back, legs, and foot, While some include a thumb massage, these massage chairs are very expensive. This massage chair performs massages at varying positions to provide a great user experience.

  • Compatibility

You need to buy a chair that is most suitable for you. Some people buy a chair that is suitable for short people and later on they regret their decision. It is better not to waste your time and do complete and thorough research. We have selected a massage chair for both tall and short people, so you do not need to worry at all. Some chairs are suitable for short-height people and some can work for both tall and short people. Thus proper research is the way to go when buying a massage chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many times can we use a massage chair?

A massage chair is your own thing. You can use it as many times as you can. You do not need to go to the spa for a relaxing and calming effect. Furthermore, you can use it in your home. All you need to do is to plan sessions according to your body’s needs. If you are feeling tired, you can schedule a massage session. But it all depends on you what you are feeling and what you want from a massage chair.

  • How much does a massage chair cost?

It depends on you whether you want to buy an expensive massage chair or you want a low-budget massage chair. Performance and budget are the two factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing a massage chair.

  • What are the places to put a massage chair?

You can use a massage chair anywhere you want. Most people prefer a massage chair not in their Tv room because in this situation you can better self-meditate. As a result, you will enjoy a comfort zone and enjoy the great experience of massage. The massage chair has an LED light function which lightens the whole room and provides a great user experience. You should not use the massage chair in the sunlight. This will result in the deterioration of the massage chair.

  • Is there any disadvantage of a massage chair?

There is no harmful effect of a massage chair. The massage chairs are designed to provide you with a soothing and calming effect. But you should read the instruction in the guide carefully before using the chair. This will result in the proper usage of this machine.

  • How much time we should spend using the massage chair?

One can spend 15 to 30 minutes on the massage chair to get a calming effect on your body.

  • Are massage chairs recommended for children?

Massage chairs have no limit. But children cannot use these techniques alone. There will be proper consent from their parents.

  • Can a massage chair be useful in sciatica?

Sciatica is lower back pain, and most doctors recommend a massage chair for sciatica. It helps to soothe the muscles in your back area and provides you with a calming and soothing effect.

  • What is the top zero-gravity massage chair?

Zero gravity massage chairs are trendy among individuals. They provide an extreme user experience and give you a calming and soothing effect. Kahuna Lm 6800 is the best zero-gravity massage chair according to our research.

  • What is the best massage chair?

Real relax 2020 is the best massage chair due to its incredible features and affordable price.

  • Why is some massage chair so expensive?

Massage chairs are built around advanced technology. There are incredible features used in this chair to provide you with an excellent user experience. Some massage chairs are expensive because they have lots of useful features. Some have a low budget because they lack those features.

  • Is it worth buying a massage chair?

Yes, it is excellent for you to buy a massage chair. A massage chair relieves you from any kind of pain and stress. It can take all the weight off your muscles and provides you with great relief. Thus the massage chair is an excellent buy for the long term. If you have pain in your back, or neck, and want a solution, then massage is perfect for you. You do not need to go to a massage spa for relaxation. A massage chair provides you with all the peace in your home.

  • Can a massage chair damage the muscles?

A massage chair is not harmful to your muscles. It provides a soothing effect on your muscle and removes all the strain from your muscles. Thus your muscles feel relaxed and free of any kind of stress.

  • What is the most costly massage chair?

Lamborghini is the most expensive massage chair in the world due to its incredible features.

  • How many times can I use a massage chair?

It is recommended to use a massage chair twice a day. This time is enough to remove any kind of tension from your body.

  • How many times can I  get a deep-tissue massage?

You can get a deep tissue massage after three to six weeks. It is best for deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage provides you with ultimate relaxation and makes you fresh and healthy. Thus, it is crucial for your health.

  • What is the function of the massage chair pad?

Massage chair pad massages both your upper and lower. Thus it provides you with a deeply calming and soothing effect. A massage chair pad relaxes your muscle and circulation and gives you a calming effect.

  • What are the types of rollers available in the market?

There are two types of rollers available in the market. L track and S track rollers. L track rollers extend the message down to the buttocks. They are entirely new in the market and possess excellent features. While S track rollers massage from the neck area to the lower back.

To Wrap It Up

Thus it all depends on you which massage chair you want to buy. We have prepared a detailed guide for you so that you can easily buy the best chair. According to our research, Real Relax 2023 is the best massage chair due to its great features. If you want to buy a massage chair with a low budget and low budget, then an Enright massage chair should be your choice. If you’re going to buy an excellent zero-gravity massage chair, then the kahuna LM 6800 is the way to go.

You need to look at all the features and then buy the chair. We have performed deep research for you guys, so you do not need to worry. You need to consider your budget and performance by looking at the features we have mentioned. A massage chair is not one of those things you are going to buy daily. So you need to buy the best massage chair for yourself.

Read detailed reviews before buying a massage chair. Feel free to drop a comment on which massage chair you are going to buy. We highly believe in user experience and satisfaction. It will be highly acknowledged to hear from you.

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