A Complete Guide to Self-Massage Tools and Accessories

Nothing feels better than getting a good massage after a hard day’s work. Massages have been shown to affect overall physical health and mental well-being positively. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be complicated to arrange a message like that. You could ask someone in your household, such as a loved one, to give you the message or book a massage with a professional who can do it for you.

Asking someone you know for a message comes with some problems, including that they might not be inclined to give you one. That’s understandable though. They, much like you, have had a busy day and would probably prefer to get a message rather than give one.

When visiting a masseuse, it’s good to know what you’re getting into. These are certainly professionals that are more than capable of giving you a great and effective message, but that kind of skill is sure to come with a big price attached. Don’t even bother looking for a cheap professional massage because such a thing simply doesn’t exist.

The good news is that, as always, technology comes to the rescue. The latest technological advancements of recent years have allowed for the development of effective and reliable automated massagers. While using an automated massager may not offer the same experience or benefits of a true professional massage, the best ones get pretty close.

The great thing about these massagers is that the majority of them are highly affordable. You could even save money by investing in one of these over regular visits to a professional.

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at self-massagers and discuss everything there is to know about them.

Everything There Is to Know About Self-Massage Tools and Accessories
The main thing to know about these self-massage tools is that they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, not to mention price ranges. A message isn’t necessarily less effective because it is cheaper or smaller than another model. It could mean that it has been designed for another purpose.

Now we’ll look at the different kinds of massages that you can find across our website, along with the benefits of each type.

• Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are the best choice when it comes to self-massaging tools. They are pretty big, but they do offer a versatile and comfortable massage.

The main advantage of using a massage chair is they provide complete massages. They have programs built in and can be customized to your specifications to provide full-body massages, beginning with your neck and ending with the toes.

These messages are not only relaxing and very enjoyable, but they also stimulate blood circulation and eliminate tension from muscles, leaving you feeling much better. Another big advantage is that the messages they give are only equal to those of massage therapists. Sometimes they might even prove to be better.

Something unique that massage chairs offer is zero gravity massage experiences. This begins with the chair tiling backward, reclining the body towards the ceiling. After your body has reclined fully, the massage chair gets to work aligning your head and feet, meaning that the majority of your body weight is supported entirely by the chair and not by your muscles and bones. It feels incredible to be massaged in this position, and it gives your muscles an unparalleled level of relief and relaxation.

All in all, massage chairs are the best massage tools available right now, and they are definitely worth the high price tag attached to them if you can afford them.

• Massage Cushions

A massage cushion could be considered the economic version of a massage chair. They don’t stand on their own like a massage chair and instead, are placed on regular chairs and sofas. This means they use up less space than a full chair.

The versatility that a massage cushion offers is certainly one of their main benefits. Given that they can be put on chairs or sofas, you can take your pillow to the office or use it when sat in a car or other vehicle.

Another great advantage of massage cushions is they provide a deep and thorough massage. Many massage cushions can massage most of the body, starting at the neck and continuing down the back, hips, lower back, and thighs. Not only is that kind of massage relaxing, but it’s also great for eliminating knots in muscles.

Massage cushions are certainly valuable products that offer enjoyable and relaxing massages. Most massage cushions come with a built-in heated massage feature that further enhances massage sessions.

• Neck and Shoulder Massagers

These massagers are specifically built to target the neck and shoulders, and their design is similar to the neck rests found in airplanes but larger.

Neck and shoulder massagers have massage rollers built in for massaging the neck and shoulder muscles. The majority of them also have heated massage features that take the message to the next level and makes the experience more relaxing.

They come with hand straps for better stability. These straps can be held by the person using the massager, or you could put your arm through them to free up your hands for what you were originally doing.

A key advantage of neck and shoulder massagers is their portability. The majority of them are powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing you to move around the house with them while getting a message.

Despite being called “neck and shoulder massagers,” they can be used across the whole body. Some of them can be used as foot massagers, for example, giving you more freedom and versatility.

These massagers are perfect for what they are designed to do. They work to relax muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back with comfortable massages.

• Handheld Massagers

A handheld massager is one of the most versatile and portable massaging tools available. They are small, and the majority of them can fit snugly into backpacks or large purses.

Given their compact builds and small designs, they are the go-to massage tools for people who want to get a message while out of the house.

The key advantage of these massagers is their complete versatility. Given that you can hold the massager in your hand, you just point the massager wherever you want, and anywhere that your muscles feel tense.

Another great advantage of handheld massage tools is that they often come with interchangeable massage heads. The different massage heads are purpose-built for different tasks. For example, some of them help to activate muscles, while others stimulate blood circulation or provide an enjoyable skin scrub. Given all of the different massage heads on offer, handheld massagers offer lots of benefits for users.

All in all, a handheld massage is perfect for someone that wants a way to massage themselves while out of the house or doing something else. Handheld massagers are small and versatile, providing portable massages at a reasonable price.

• Scalp Massagers

Scalp massagers offer comfortable and relaxing massages to users. When you get home from a rough day at work, just lounge on your sofa and have a scalp massager give your head and scalp muscles a relaxing massage while you sit back and watch TV.

These massagers can do much more than just massage the scalp though. They also stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating hair growth and restricting hair loss at the same time.

Stimulating the muscles in your scalp means that more blood is reaching the blood vessels that lead to those muscles. This improved blood flow means that more oxygen and nutrients are reaching your scalp, which is great for the hair follicles.

With all that extra oxygen and other nutrients they get, hair follicles are stimulated and grow hair. They also work harder to maintain hair better, meaning that you lose less hair than you were before you began using the massager.

Scalp massages can offer a powerful massage experience and are ideal for those who want to stimulate hair growth.

• TENS Units

TENS units are medical devices designed to improve the flexibility and elasticity of the body. Regular use of a TENS machine restores muscle tone and speeds up recovery following muscle injury.

TENS units are also able to reduce how much pain one feels. They work by sending a small electrical charge into the body through electrode pads. That electrical current fights for space in the same receptors as pain signals, meaning that your brain isn’t aware of how much pain you are feeling. This means that TENS units can decrease how much pain someone feels after an injury, as well as the pain that comes with chronic diseases.

An advantage of using a TENS machine is that they are highly portable. The majority of them are about the size of a smartphone, and they’ve got long cables that connect the electrode pads to your body, even if you’re on the move.

Even better, TENS units can offer a relaxing massage experience to users. Choose from the different intensity settings to get the right level of power for your needs and current mood.

All in all, these TENS units make for versatile and effective self-massage tools that are great for those dealing with acute and chronic pain.

• Foot Spas

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as putting your feet into a foot spa after working long and hard all day long. They make use of simple but effective massage techniques to provide relaxing, comfortable massages.

They are essentially water basins where you soak your feet and massage them. Foot spas have foot rollers built in too, with some models having manual ones and others having automated ones. The foot rollers help to provide a deeper and more relaxing massage.

What makes foot spas so great is they can maintain the temperature of the water, and some foot spas even warm up the water for you when you need it. Most foot spas are perfectly compatible with bath salts and oils too. Using those products with your spa takes your message to the next level.

Another great thing about foot spas is how they use different accessories to scrub and massage feet. This improves blood circulation and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthier as a result.

Overall, foot spas are incredible products. They are great for those who want to be able to soak their feet at the end of a long day.

• Foot Massagers

Foot massagers are the perfect product for those who want to relax or stimulate foot muscles. Foot massagers use a range of massage techniques on feet, and most foot massagers have a range of intensity settings; allowing you to customize the massage experience you get from them.

One key advantage of foot massagers is they are great for improving blood circulation. Whether they are made to use vibrating, oscillating, or kneading massage techniques, all of them are designed for stimulating feet and leg muscles to improve blood circulation.

Another great advantage of them is that they offer relaxing massage experiences for users. Choose the intensity of your message and get the massage experience that you want.

All in all, these foot massagers are ideal for people who want to give their feet some royal treatment.

• Portable Massage Tables

A portable massage table is great for professional masseuses and amateurs alike. They are highly portable, meaning you can take them straight to the home or office of clients, letting you accept more clients from a wider range.

A key advantage of portable massage tables is how comfortable they are to use. Despite their lightweight nature, they come with padded decks that ensure clients stay comfortable and steady during a message.

The majority of these portable massage tables are super simple to set up and fold. After you get the hang of using them and folding them, you’ll be able to do it in just a few minutes. After the table has been set up, they are steady and ready for anything you need. Whether the massage table is made from wood or aluminum, they use steel support cables to ensure that they remain stable during a message.

Massage tables make you look more professional, and they can improve your clientele.