Getting a massage chair is no doubt an amazing purchase. But that’s not enough. Knowing how it works is equally important as knowing how to buy it. To no wonder, most people get stuck at both of these steps. So today I spared time to make a precise article on how to use a massage chair.

Using a massage chair depends more on your body type, working schedule, age, rather than the place, which can be home or office. You can safely install a massage chair anywhere you want if you take the instructions given below a little more seriously. Go on to flex your knowledge to your mates.

How to Use a Massage Chair | Complete Guide

You must be eager to try the new gadget at your home i.e. your newly purchased massage chair. But before you start off, keep in mind that there are several key factors to focus on. First is how much your body is used to the massage. Are you new to it? Does your age fit right to the requirements? Keep all these questions in mind and read the article below to get your queries solved.

Here are some guidelines on the proper usage of massage chairs. It won’t take you long to understand and you can try it as soon as you finish reading this.

1. Power the Massage Chair

To power on the massage chair, plug the chair into the socket. Place the chair in an open area where it can recline properly. Most people forget about this part and end up ruining their massage chairs. Give it a good room to expand. Also, try to keep the place open to the air so that you can manage the temperature without suffocating yourself.

Make sure you also read all the safety instructions before plugging in the chair. Don’t forget that it is an electronic device that requires safe handling. However, you should not be afraid of sitting over it. Overall it is made for sitting and enjoying the massage.

2. Explore the Chair

There are several massage chairs from various companies. Not only have they varied in size and style, but also contain different functions. Therefore, knowing what functions your massage chair contains is certainly important. Read the instruction book given with your chair. Spend some time exploring the movements and features of the chair.

Use the remote and get familiar with the settings. That is how you will know what exactly you want from the chair. Additionally, you will extract the most out of it. Most massage chair remotes are user-friendly. It should not take long to understand how it works.

Try every position and movement. You can also mark some features as your favorite so you can enjoy them more often. Check the most reclined position as well as each and every massaging feature.

3. Take a Moderate Start

Several times, the user complains about getting strains instead of ease after using their massage chair. This is because they are too excited that they jump to extreme settings. The first piece of advice I give to my clients is that be a little humble with themselves. Especially the new users should have a soft start.

If your body is not used to massages before, try to start with 20 minutes per session a day. Make sure not to get more than two sessions per day in the beginning. You can increase the number with time.

Those who are used to it might already be familiar with its working. Therefore, this is a beginner’s guide.

4. Find Focus Areas

Try to figure out what part of your body requires attention. Massaging the areas that bear the most stress during the day can be extremely helpful. For example, if you are on your feet for most time of the day, foot massagers can be advantageous. If you do heavy exercise then shoulder and back rollers can relieve the pain from the core muscles.

The right use of a massage chair depends on which area you focus on. If you don’t drive your attention toward the areas of interest, then massaging may bear no fruit. Make sure what part of your body needs attention, and massage those areas more often.

Maintenance of Message Chair

People compromise on the maintenance of massage chairs and then complain about its life. Don’t forget that every electronic piece of equipment requires attention and cleaning. There are several aspects of maintenance including regular and deep cleaning, periodic checking, and safe storage. Here I will tell you what you need to do to keep your massage chair maintained.

  1. Regular Cleaning

You should clean the chair as soon as you complete your massage. This practice keeps the chair clean for others to use. I consider this an ethical move. Not only this makes the chair ready to use all the time but also increases the lifetime.

  1. Deep Cleaning

An increased lifetime of a massage chair also requires deep cleaning. Remember to remove all the dust particles from nooks and crannies. This deep cleaning keeps the chair safe from jamming and being stuck.

  1. Periodic Maintenance

There should be a regular check on the working of the massage chair. Even if you don’t use it regularly, try using it once a week. Sometimes, the machinery stops working when not operated for a long time. Therefore, keep the massage chair working periodically. Try every function out to make sure it’s working fine.

  1. Proper Covering

Covers are a perfect source of protection for a massage chair. You can cover the chair when it is not in use for some time. This is a perfect source of protection from dust, spills, kids and pets.

  1. Placing

Sometimes, to get the heat, people place their massage chairs in the sun. Sun can damage the leather. Therefore, avoid placing your massage chair in intense weather conditions. Moreover, the massage chair should be placed in an open area where it has enough space to expand to the fullest.

Considerations While Buying a Massage Chair

When buying a massage chair, people usually do not have an idea about the focus areas. Before you go and buy an inappropriate massage chair, why not read the instructions below? This way, you will better equip yourself with your needs and wants. I will thoroughly tell you what to look for in a massage chair.

  1. Functions

There are several types of functions in a massage chair. Not necessarily, every chair will have all of those. There may be options for a roller, vibrators, heat, zero gravity, inversions, kneading, Shiatsu etc. So know your preferences before you go and buy a massage chair. What features you are looking for plays an important role in selecting a massage chair.

  1. Positioning

Do you want something that goes down to your legs and press it well or do you want something for your back only? The massage chair comes with a variety of massage positioning. You should get the one with a foot massager if your work involves standing/walking all day. If your job is doing some tough exercise, you must get the one that presses the back well. Some massage chair offers arm and wrist massage as well.

  1. Airbags

Advanced massage chairs have airbags that press the arms, wrists and legs and feet. The airbags put stress on arms, hips and legs such that it gives a soothing impression to massage. The airbags inflate and deflate such that it maintains the lymphatic flow of blood in your body. These are particularly essential for older age people. The blood circulates throughout the body.

Some offer the ability to change the depth and width of rollers. You can adapt the one that fits the best to your body size. Hence, a plethora of functioning is available in massage seats. Airbags with rollers are a great combination. You can also check for this feature while getting a massage chair.

  1. Temperature

It is not so common that massage chairs come with a pre-built temperature system. However, having it is a unique addition to massage. Heated massages increase the effectiveness to an extra level. The heat relaxes your muscle while the rollers continuously put pressure on them.

  1. Recline

A few massage chairs have zero-gravity reclining features. This feature allows your body to completely recline over the rollers and reach a position where the blood flow is smoother. This position not only makes the massage extra-ordinarily beneficial but also reduces the stress over the joints.

I personally love to add this feature to my massaging routine. There are several other reclining options available in almost all massage chairs. While buying a massage chair, make sure you check for this feature too.

  1. Power

Massage chairs come with different powers. Remember that a beginner should start slow. In addition, they are manually adjusted every time you use them. Do not get a chair that has extreme power. Don’t go too far. Get the chair that will match your energy in the future. Once you get used to a particular level of energy, you will want more. Therefore, be careful with selecting the right strength of massaging.

  1. Programs

You will find some amazing programs in the massage chair. These programs are meant to provide you with complete massage therapy by joining several functions together. These exercises work whole together to make a program. These programs can contain some rough and tough exercises as well as some slight and gentle ones. You may select the program according to your body type.

Whenever you decide to buy a massage chair, keep in account the programs of the massage chair as well. The more programs it has, the better it is. However, sometimes, fewer can work fine as well. So try to find the best fit.


Message chairs at home make it convenient to get messages regularly. That’s because you don’t have to book the massage at Masseuse. You can get that at any particular part of the day, schedule it whenever you want and keep yourself healthy. However, so many people are really bad at operating it and complain about its use. That is not how it works.

Knowing how to use a massage chair is equally important as knowing how to buy it. To get out of this trouble, I have brought all the steps under one single document and provided you with a detailed guide on its usage and functionalities. Four steps. Yes! That’s exactly how simple it is. Stay tuned for more information on massage chairs.


  • How long should you use the massage chair?

The ideal time to use a massage chair is around 15 minutes, twice a week. However, depending on your workload, you can stretch it to three times a day as well. Keep in mind that the time duration may vary for beginners. They should keep it a little less at the start. For others, doing a 15 minutes massage is sufficient to relax their bodies.

  • Is sitting in a massage chair good for you?

Sitting on a massage chair or using it regularly can be extremely helpful to your body. Using a massage chair can relax your muscles, activates the SNS, regulates the flow of blood, and brings the body in shape. However, excess of everything is bad, and so does using a massage chair excessively.

  • Can I sit on a massage chair every day?

Having a fifteen to thirty minutes session regularly is fair enough or a total of 2-3 hours a week is sufficient. Doing more than that can cause soreness in the muscles and your body can get addicted to massaging.

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