BI remember when I was moving to another city, I had to pack up everything. No doubt, it was a great hustle. But I lost my dearest massage chair in the process. I did not know that time that I could disassemble it too.

I was shocked that it is still a mystery for many. Let me guide you on how to disassemble a massage chair. If your massage chair comes in many pieces that means it can be disassembled into the same number of parts. Some models of massage chair comes already assembled, so you cannot detach them further. Let’s see how to do this.

How to Disassemble Massage Chair?

Disassembling a massage chair is quite easy if you know exactly what to do. With a little help, you can manage to complete the task within 15 minutes. A lot of people do it while shifting homes, or moving the chair upstairs or downstairs in their own homes. So here I am covering this topic for two different brands of massage chairs. Let’s read them one by one.

How to Disassemble Brookstone Massage Chair?

How to disassemble brookstone massage chairBrookstone massage chairs come in a package of a single or two boxes. The equipment required to disassemble the Brookstone massage chair is just a plier, which comes along with the packaging. Mostly, the Brookstone massage chairs have side arms attached to them, so you don’t need to remove them while pulling them apart. Therefore, the process is quite easy. Here’s how to disassemble the Brookstone massage chair.

Disassembling Brookstone Massage Chair

 1. Upright Position

Before starting over, bring the chair to the upright position. For that, you will need to plug in the power cable and the remote cable of the chair. Once both connections are done, press the power button on the remote to power on the massage chair. Press the power button again to bring the chair into the straight position.

2. Unplug the Chair

Now unplug the chair. Remove the power cable and the remote cable. Safety first! You need to be careful with electrical equipment. Remove the power so that you can play safe with the massage chair while removing the connections.

3. Remove the Remote

Take the remove out and remove the remote holder from the chair. the step is necessary before you completely disassemble the chair because you don’t want your remote to be destroyed. Place the remote in a safe place to re-access it when required.

4. Unzip the Footrest

Began with unzipping the footrest. Under the seat cushion, you will find a zip that ties both the footrest and the seat. Unzip it so that you can remove the footrest. The zip might have a button to secure it at the end. Be gentle and free the footrest with other parts of the chair completely.

5. Remove the Footrest

The next step is to remove the footrest. The most crucial step is disassembling the chair. You should be very careful and patient with the process. Here are a few steps to follow.

  • First, look for the two clips on both sides of the footrest. This is where the footrest was connected to the chair at the final stages. Unclip them gently.
  • Then, lean your body with the footrest and pull the footrest out of the holders with both of your hands. Remove the fixing lugs from the crossbars and completely disconnect the footrest. Put it down on the floor.
  • Disconnect the wires. Remove the bolts and disconnect all the connections. There will be three air hoses, take them all apart.
  • Lastly, the footrest is now only connected to the link rod. Closely examine it and you will find a bolt. Untie the bolt and the lock with the cotter pin and detach the link rod from the footrest joint. Separate the footrest from the base of the massage chair.

6. Box them Up

The process is complete. You have successfully disassembled the Brookstone massage chair. Now it’s time to box them up again. Depending on the availability of boxes, put them together or separately in the boxes.

Different models of Brookstone massage chairs have different assembling and disassembling patterns. However, the main process goes the same for every model. There are some models such as BK250, which come with an assembled footrest too. So all you have to do to take it apart is to unzip the cushioning.

How to Disassembling Infinity Massage Chair?

How to disassemble infinity massage chair

Infinity massage chairs come in various styles and models. Therefore, the assembly and disassembly are different for all. However, the main part stays the same that are removing the footrest, the side arms, and sometimes the shoulder supports. Yes! that is the difference between Brookstone and Infinity massage chair disassembly.

Infinity massage chair allows the removal of side arms in addition to the footrest. Sometimes, there’s an option of removing the shoulder supports as well. So the massage chair can be stored in the most compact form. Let me take you to the detailed steps on how to disassemble the Infinity massage chair.

Disassembling Infinity Massage Chair

1. Upright Position

Bring the chair in an upright position before starting with dispatching. This is because all the air hoses are in resting position and you can plug them out without the fear of tearing them apart. For this step, you have to connect the remote and press the power button twice. One to turn on the chair and the other to bring it to the straight resting position.

2. Unplug the Chair

Next, you need to unplug all the connections. This includes all three connections. The plug, the power cable, and the remote cable. Disconnect it so you can safely proceed with the process.

3. Remove the Remote

Remember when you were assembling the chair, the last step you did was connecting the remote. Therefore, this time you have to do it first. Completely disconnect the remote and keep it in a safe place.

4. Unzip the Footrest

Unzip the footrest because that’s our next target for now. The footrest cushioning is attached to the seat cushion with a zip. Check for any ties before opening up the zip. Completely detach the zip.

5. Remove the Footrest

To remove the footrest, look for the clips on both sides. Un-clip them one by one. Sometimes, some bolts tie up the footrest. Unscrew them too. Lean yourself up with the footrest and pull it out of the holders with force. Apply force with both arms and carefully put it down.

Now you can remove the connections. The air hoses and the wire connection. The footrest is completely free from the rest of the chair. You can put it in some other place now.

6. Unzip the Sidearm

The next step is to remove the arms. Again, we have to deal with the zips before proceeding. Unzip the cushion from the inside of the arm. Here, I will guide you with only one side. You have to repeat the process for another side yourself. Disconnect the clips if any.

7. Remove the Sidearm

Underneath the cushions inside the side arms, some bolts hold the side arms together with the seat. To disassemble it, you have to unscrew all the bolts on the chair. There can be a different number of bolts depending on different models. Usually, there are four bolts.

Unscrew the bolts, pull the sidearm from the holes, and separate it from the seat. Carefully put it on the side and check for further connections. You need to disconnect three air hoses. Some models have them tightened with screws. Detach them using the right tool. Remove the connections and you are good to go. Do the same on the other side of the chair that is the other arm side.

8. Remove the Shoulder Support

In some models, there is an option to remove the shoulder support while disassembling. The process isn’t much different. You have to unzip the cushioning. Check for bolts and unscrew them from the inside of the chair. You may also find the bolt covered from the outside. In that case, remove the cover and unscrew the bolts. Then you have to pull out the support from the base and remove the connections.

If your model doesn’t have this option then leave this step. If you are unsure about it, read the guidebook given with the massage chair.

9. Boxing

I know that the process is getting long, and you might be tired of reading it up. So let’s pack up. All the parts should be separated by now. Now it’s time for boxing up the parts. The chair has been disassembled and all the parts need to be placed in a safe area.

I have tried to cover up the disassembly of all the models of massage chairs. More or less, every model works the same. So by reading this guide, you are good to go for disassembling your infinity massage chair.

Here is a video tutorial that to understand the disassembly process:


  • Can a massage chair be dismantled?

Yes! almost all the massage chairs can be dismantled. Doing this on the older versions of massage chairs can be a bit complex. However, most of the latest massage chairs come in different sets of pieces that can be detached for example the side arms, shoulder sides, and the footrest.

  • How do you take the back off a massage chair?

Remove all the bolts, screws, or clips. Then stand on the back of the chair and lift the back out from the holders. Ask someone to hold the back while you detach the connections. The air hoses and wired connection.

  • Is it hard to move a massage chair?

The massage chair can be easily moved to other places. Thanks to the wheels that come along. Press the back and you can lift the chair and move it on the wheels.

To Conclude

The disassembly seems quite a hectic task. However, it is really simple and easy. There are a few steps that apply to all types of chairs. Here we discuss how we can disassemble Brookstone and Infinity massage chairs. I’m pretty sure that the same procedure can work on all other brands as well. Just to be safe, I would recommend you not to do it in a hustle otherwise you may end up breaking up some connections. That’s all on how to disassemble a massage chair.

Have a happy disassembly! Stay with us for more interesting articles,

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