After a day full of work, you need a massage chair for a soothing and relaxing effect. A massage chair relieves all the tension from the muscles of your body. It gets you ready for the next day to work with the same passion and zest. But the massage chair is a piece of furniture and requires manual resetting to serve you again and again. Here we are going to provide you with a detailed guide on how to reset massage chair that will help your massage chair to remain working.

To reset the massage the chair make sure it is turned off. The pick the remote of the massage chair and press the power and kneading buttons together for 5-10 seconds. You will see a notification light on the remote and your chair will vibrate a little as well. This ensures that the massage chair has been reset to default.

If you are scratching your head about resetting the massage chair, then you are at the right place. Resetting a massage chair does not require any super technical work. Some Company provides a proper manual for the massage chair with instructions. So without any further ado, let’s go through the process of resetting the massage chair.

How To Reset Massage Chair – Step By Step Guide

Here are the steps to follow to reset the massage chair:

  • First of all, you need to turn off the massage chair for further proceeding and make sure there is no extra load on the chair.
  • After turning the massage chair off, grab the remote of the chair and press the power and kneading buttons together.
  • Keep the buttons pressed for about 5-10 seconds.
  • In most massage chairs, there will be an error sign on the extreme right of the remote control screen.
  • Once you will do this, the massage chair will vibrate a little which indicates that the reset has been completed.
  • Although, this is not so common with all massage chair brands. Some brands of massage chairs require a simple switch-off to reset the chair.

Factory Reset

It is important to know that the chair should not be in use during this procedure. Most of the massage chairs come with a user manual which is really useful for performing such operations. If you don’t find a factory reset button on your chair, please check the manual to know the process.

Problems in Massage Chairs

You can find the following problems in the massage chair. We have found the following problems in the Real Relax massage chair

  • Sometimes the massage chair gets overheated and the temperature does not remain in the balance.
  • The auto-timer of the massage chair is critical for time management. Sometimes, the auto timer stops working.
  • Some days we are using a massage chair and we have encountered problems with noise. The massage chair produced noise if you do not maintain it properly.
  • In some cases due to improper maintenance, the massage chair does not respond to the control and you feel annoyed.
  • In some cases, the massage chair becomes unstable and starts to stop working altogether.
  • So you need to reset the massage chair the solving these issues.

Repairing of Parts

You can repair some parts of your massage chair but not all the parts. If you repair all the parts, the massage chair will not function properly. Repairing requires lots of effort. You can repair the following parts of the massage chair

  • Remote Control
  • The heating system and pads
  • Electric Motor
  • Cord

If you use some machine for a long time it will get deteriorate. You need to perform the proper repair to get back to normal.

Fixing the Massage Chair

You can encounter the following issues in the massage chair. We are going to tell you the proper way how you can solve these issues.

  • Sometimes you are encountering the issue of a remote not working. You need to check your cable connection in this case. Nowadays most remote control comes with a LED light. In some cases, the LED light fails to respond. You can repair the LED light.
  • Sometimes the rollers do not remain aligned. You do not need to worry. The manufacturers design the chair in this way.
  • In some cases the striking and rolling action of the rollers produces noise. You will be thinking that there is a fault in my design. That is not the case, the massage chair is designed in such a way.
  • In some cases, the wire of the massage chair is burnt. You can join the ends of the wire with an insulating material. In some cases, you need to buy a new wire. This will happen when repairing is not an option.
  • If a massage chair makes unusual sounds, immediately turn it off. You need to check the motor of the massage chair. Usually, the motor of the massage chair makes a grinding sound. If the motor is not making a grinding sound, then there are some other problems. You can also check the air pump of the massage chair and consider refitting the massage chair. These are the things you can do to avoid noise.
  • If the heating pad of the massage chair is not working and you are not getting proper warmth in your massage. This is a serious problem. You need to contact a massage chair specialist to solve this problem. Heating is an important element of the massage chair. It removes all the stress from your body and relieves you from any kind of pain. It soothes your body and brings your brain to normal active function. So if this feature is missing in the massage chair, then you need to contact an expert. Portable chairs have the same problems.
  • Another important issue that is encountered is not proper switching on and off. If the massage chair is not switched on and off properly, then the power cord is burnt off. The second condition is that the massage chair is not getting enough power. If that is the case then you need to check your power source. But if the power cord is burnt off, then you need to replace it. The massage chair is a costly thing, so do not take a risk of running it with low power.

Here is a video about how to diagnose your massage chair.


Just like any other machine the factory reset of the massage chair is the best option to go with when resetting it and it is mostly built-in so you don’t have to hire technicians and spend extra bucks on getting it fixed.

And if you are afraid of running into trouble then here we have provided a step-by-step guide for you about how to reset massage chair so you can repair the massage chair by yourself. Furthermore, we have also discussed important issues that you may encounter with your massage chair.

A massage chair is a costly machine and a one-time investment which is why it needs proper care and time-to-time maintenance. You are not going to buy a massage chair every day. So proper management and care are crucial to keep the machine running. If the proper care is not taken it will result in the deterioration of the machine. Feel free to drop a comment and share this article, it will be highly acknowledged.

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    1. Getting flashing error E1 02 and E2 02 did a reset replaced both boards on the system nothing will get rid of the error codes.

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