Maintaining, cleaning, protecting and whatnot! Everyone is confused about how to clean a massage chair. Your concern is valid. Cleaning a massage chair is hectic though simple. Due to the enormous number of cleaning products available around the world, it is natural to get confused. Since massage chairs are a bit delicate and require special handling, it is important to understand what detergent is best for cleaning your massage chair.

How to Clean a Massage Chair?

Cleaning a massage chair requires careful handling. Depending upon the type of material used in the massage chair, the cleaning styles vary. Hence determining the stuff is important. Moreover, you can’t clean it without taking necessary precautions Let’s not further wait and jump right into the steps of cleaning a massage chair. Let’s discover what else we need to know about massage chair maintenance.

Step 1: Take Safety Precautions

You have to disconnect the cords to make sure there’s no electricity connection. This is always the best approach while dealing with something having power. Since the massage chair works with electricity, there’s a risk of getting a shock. So we work on safety first principle.

Cheap detergents should not be used because they may damage the leather of your recliner. Check the reviews before buying a detergent for cleaning your massage chair.

Step 2: Determine the Sofa Fabric

Massage chairs are made of different materials and cleaning those materials may vary following their type. Let me take you to an easy way to understand which way is your sofa’s type.

The massage chairs have tags, denoting a particular letter to tell you enough about cleaning. Usually, there are four different letters used.

  • If the tag denotes an “X”, that means brushing/vacuuming is the best way to clean your massage chair.
  • A “W” shows that water-based cleaning works for this particular massage chair. steam vacuum can still be an adequate option.
  • If there’s an “O”, that means organic cleaning can clean the mess. You need to wash the chair with cold water this time.
  • Lastly, an “S” tag is quite common. It talks about dry-cleaning detergents. Avoiding using water-based detergents because they can damage the chair in this case.

Step 3: Remove the Detachable Cushions

There are no hard and fast rules for cleaning a massage chair. However, following the smartest way is definitely productive for you. Even though cleaning can still be done with cushions attached, removing them is an effective way of cleaning. It makes the task easier and simpler.

There are several parts with portable cushions, such as shoulder pads, footrest pads, and backrests. Remove them and keep them aside. Clean them separately. This process allows for cleaning the dirt from every nook and corner. The rest of the chair can be cleaned easily.

Step 4: Dust Away the Surface of the Chair

Dusting the massage chair is necessary especially when wet cleaning is required. This makes the cleaning even more effective. The already-settled dust flew away and the stain is ready to be removed.

You can also use a soft damp piece of cloth for wiping over the chair. If the chair has synthetic leather stuff, you can also use mild detergent-soaked cloth. In the case of pure leather, special leather cleaning detergents can be effective.

Step 5: Test a Small Portion First

If you are cleaning with something that isn’t trust-able, always remember to apply it to a non-visible area first. Apply on the inconspicuous part of the massage chair to avoid any damage and color fading.

This practice will tell you how much concentration of detergent is required. If you are going with the vacuum option, you can skip this step for sure.

Step 6: Cleaning Code Standards

Even if the chair says to use detergent to clean it up, you can also go with the vacuuming option. As long as the chair is not plugged into the power source. Similarly, an “O” tag doesn’t say that remotes should also be cleaned with cold water.

Here is the common sense that comes into the scene. No matter what, exposing electrical things to water is risky. Make sure to clean the electrical parts of the chair with a dry cloth or simply vacuum them. Sometimes, the detergent may react with the sofa cover/ hand. Therefore, take some necessary measures yourself while cleaning your massage chair.

Step 7: Clean the Stained Part

After you finish cleaning the chair as a whole, it’s time to focus on the problem areas. You can reverse the process as well. As I said, there’s nothing like a follow-step-by-step guide thing. Any criteria are acceptable.

Anyways, coming to the point. The tea/water spills require special attention. Most of the time, wiping the area with a damp cloth is fine. However, you may need to dip the cloth in mild detergent and rub it over the affected parts a few times.

The most effective way of dealing with such accidents is to clean the chair right away. Don’t wait for the spill to get dry and make a permanent mark over the chair. You may never be able to get the original spark back.

Step 8: Clean and Attach the Pads

After completing the process of removing the stain, its finally time to attach every removable part back to the chair again. Make sure you clean all the parts entirely before re-connecting them to the chair. Depending upon the material of those parts, you can clean them by washing, vacuuming or dusting respectively. Clean the remote with a dry piece of cloth.

This was the basic method of cleaning a massage chair. Still, there is a lot more to discover about getting this task done. Let’s address them now.

How to Clean Leather Massage Chair?

how to clean a leather massage chair

The concern for pure leather is justifiable. Cleaning a pure leather massage chair needs no other particular treatment from other massage chairs. You can rub a damp cloth on the surface of the leather massage chair to clean it up.

Experts also recommend using a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar scrubbed in a circular motion. This protects the integrity of leather while perfectly washing the stain away. There are also leather-specific products to be used for leather chairs. You just have to be careful that the water doesn’t reach the electrical parts of the chair.

How Often Should the Massage Chair be Cleaned?

Generally speaking, the massage chair should be cleaned weakly. However, it highly depends on the usage as well. I particularly prefer cleaning the massage chair every time after being used. This keeps the chair tidy for anyone else to use. Additionally, it is an ethical approach. At least, you can clean the chair with a dry cloth right away after having your massage.

If the massage chair is not in use for a long time, it is better to dust away the chair every week. Using a massage chair cover is a good option in this regard. Those with regular use must be cleaned on daily basis.

Best Cleaning Practice

This is quite a common question to ask beginners. Let’s fairly discuss the ways to protect your chair from dysfunction. Despite the usage of your massage chair, following the given routine will keep your chair maintained and working efficiently.

Regular Cleaning

Every time you have used the massage chair it requires cleaning. Often during the massage, a person may be sweating. Cleaning the massage chair with a dry cloth right away is not only efficient but also ethical.

To keep the surface shining like a new chair, wipe the dust and debris with a damp cloth right after having a massage. After rubbing the chair with a detergent, make sure you use a leather conditioner over the surface. Do not apply any oil because it may ultimately damage the upholstery.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Like every other piece of furniture, the massage chair has a right to be cleaned once a week. This is the time to remove the grimy stains and stuck dust. Maybe using a vacuum can help. There may be a plethora of things stuck within those side cushions. These are hard to remove without a deep clean.

Deep cleaning is necessary for increasing the lifetime of your massage chair. Remove the detachable parts and vacuum them thoroughly. The task can be hectic therefore, it should be done every week. This deep cleaning can also stretch to once every month if your usage is less.

Looking for Troubled Points

Sometimes, our massage chair is telling us about its bad condition. We have to keep our senses alert. If you find the chair difficult to operate, or if it is giving strange noise, it is better to consult a professional. When cleaning a massage chair, there is a significant risk of pulling the cord or damaging the cushions.

With COVID, the trend of professional sanitizing has got so common. You can ask for the help of a professional if you don’t want to ruin the chair while cleaning. It is always better to ask a professional. However, with a little care, you can master the task as well.

Safe Environment

There are huge complaints about the shorter life span of massage chairs. Surprisingly, it is mainly because people don’t pay heed to their massage chair’s environment. If you have kept your chair in a heated area, or where the sun reaches it directly. There is a high chance that the massage chair will stop working even if you give it a regular clean.

Even if you wipe your massage chair regularly, keeping it in a dusty place will not help. As long as you don’t find a proper place for a massage chair at your home, I won’t recommend you buy one.

Difference in Cleaning and Disinfecting

There is a distinct difference between cleaning and disinfecting. A massage chair requires cleaning more often. However, disinfecting can also be helpful as long as it does not damage your chair.

Cleaning is the simple removal of dust and germs. You can clean the chair with a damp cloth, some detergent or by vacuuming too. It will remove the germs and dirt from the surface of your chair and make it ready to use.

Disinfecting, on the other hand, is the killing of germs and microbes. There are several chemicals available for killing germs. Using alcohol is one of the most common methods of disinfecting some materials. Dilute chemicals can be used over the massage chair stuff, but the concentrated ones can be a little risky.

This is enough for cleaning a general massage chair people also ask for.


How do you maintain a massage chair?

Regular cleaning, periodic deep cleaning and keeping in a safe environment are sufficient to maintain your massage chair. Regular cleaning must include dusting all the parts of the massage chair separately. Different techniques are used for maintaining a clean massage chair such as vacuuming, dry-cleaning, or damp cleaning.

How do you clean sticky upholstery?

Using a damp piece of cloth with water and a little amount of soap in it can remove the stickiness. The soap particles attach to the sticky thing and remove it. Rub the cloth clockwise and anticlockwise to retain the integrity of the chair.

What is the best home remedy for cleaning upholstery?

There are several chemicals available in the market to clean leather. However, a mixture of water and vinegar also works for cleaning the upholstery. You can also add a little amount of soap to it. Using cold water is always preferred in the case of leather.


Asking for professional help to clean your massage chair is fine. I believe that the task isn’t difficult to call a professional. Additionally, it can also be costly. Therefore, I guided you with the best possible instructions on how to clean a massage chair yourself. Not only does it save money but also a lot of time. The lifetime of massage chairs also increases.

It is just a few simple steps. Knowing the stuff, removing the detachable parts, cleaning them separately, and then joining them all together. This should be done carefully. Make sure you remove all sorts of power connections before rubbing the wet cloth over the chair.

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