Electricity bills have gone too far now. Even if you buy a massage chair with a big heart, who’s gonna pay the bills? Here I have brought you the solution. A massage chair uses a minimal amount of electricity. The laptop that you use all day consumes more energy than a massage chair. So enjoy your massage without worrying about how much electricity a massage chair use.

The power consumption varies from model to model and is often mentioned in the user manual. However, most massage chairs use up to 300W when in use and only 5W when they are set idle. That’s affordable, right?

So let’s dig deep into this and read more about the power consumption of massage chairs.

How much Electricity does a Massage Chair Use – Explained

Even though a massage chair is a huge one-time investment, it is way cheaper ahead. In terms of electricity consumption, a massage chair does not cost you more than $1.5 a month. Rather it is super flexible with your schedule and convenience. So let’s jump right into it.

Why Does a Massage Chair Needs Energy?

A massage chair has several components that require electricity to operate. The most common are the motors and rollers. The rollers are rotated by motors. The motors operate on the command of a controller. Definitely, a controller needs electricity to work. Some massage chairs also have a separate battery for power rage emergencies. Of course, the batteries need electricity to get charged. In addition to that, several other functions need the power to work. Here I am listing them all.

  1. Batteries: Massage chairs have batteries so that they can work even when power is not directly available. We need electricity to charge the batteries. Though batteries are casually an optional thing in massage chairs, it is better to have one.
  2. Motors: Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. In massage chairs, this mechanical energy refers to the rolling ability of rollers. The electricity is thus required by massage chairs to power the motors. Motors are the core element of massage chairs.
  3. Heaters: Some massage chairs have a temperature-setting ability. Sensors help in temperature maintenance, while heaters bring accurate temperatures. This comes at the cost of electricity. Both use electrical energy and convert it to thermal energy. Therefore, if your massage chair has temperature setting functionality, it is definitely going to cost you more energy than usual.
  4. Air compressors: remember when the footrest grabbed your legs same as the armrest? It is because of those airbags that took your message to another level. Almost every massage chair now comes with this compression ability. As the name suggests, compressors are used for this work. Similar to other components, air compressors also use electrical energy to compress air into the bags.
  5. Remote Screen: There is a screen attached to the massage chair, where you can control which type of massage you want. Depending upon the model, the screen/remote varies.
  6. Lights and Scanners: These elements are also present in your massage chair and make it worth enjoying. The scanners in the 3D massage chair scan your body throughout and take you to the precise orientation. Similarly, there are LED lights that give a precious look to your massage chair. Both these elements require electricity.

Okay, so that’s all about the parts, which consume electricity. How about the amount? The amount of electricity these parts require might be your greatest concern for now. Trust me! these components take a negligible amount of energy. Let’s dive into the electricity consumption heading.

Massage Chair v/s Other Equipment

First, I would start by comparing the electricity consumption of massage chairs with other equipment. The fear of electricity expenses from your mind will disappear.

The power usage by your massage chair is ten times lesser than the power usage by your air conditioner. Similarly, the electricity consumed by the iron is three times more than what the massage chair consumes. The list goes on. This clears the picture in your mind about how much electricity a massage chair use. Let’s move on to measuring the cost of this power usage.

Electricity Expense of Massage Chair

The electricity expense of a massage chair depends on its usage time. Normally, a massage chair is used either at home or at therapy centers. For normal household usage, the cost calculations are given below.

Let’s say we use a massage chair for 1 hour a day and twice a week. It makes a total of 8 hours a month. To calculate the annual electricity expense, the total hour’s usage is 8*12= 96 hours/year.

Since a standard massage chair consumes 180watts, it makes 180*96= 17,280watt-hours/year. This becomes 17.280 kWh/year. If American household electricity costs 14 cents/kWh, the annual expense calculates to $0.14*17.280= $2.41/year.

So I would say, a massage chair should be the least of your worries when it comes to power expenses. Its electricity consumption is minimal as compared to other appliances. The figure may vary from model to model and usage time. I promise it won’t deviate much. It can sum up by saying that a massage chair will cost you not more than $2-$5 annually.

Cost to Benefit Ratio

Now that we are satisfied with the cost and consumption of electricity for a massage chair, let’s view it from some other angle. What if you find out that the masseuse cost lesser than the total massage chair’s expense?

Lucky you that it’s not the case this time. Massage chairs are way cheaper than professional therapists. Let’s have a look at how a massage chair benefits us concerning its cost.

  1. Flexibility to Use

Having a massage chair allows you to relax whatever time of day it is. Whenever on a hustling day you feel like massaging yourself, you can have it. On the other hand, massage appointments are hasty and hectic. You are worrying to reach at a time when all you want is to relax your body and mind. A massage chair surely spares the time you spend traveling to therapies and cuts down the worrisome circumstances.

  1. Save Money

The other worth noting point about a massage chair is that it saves a huge amount of money. When a normal full-body massage costs you around $150 an hour, a massage doesn’t even cost this much in a whole year. Rather than spending on massage therapies, you can wait for a year and save a thousand dollars to buy yourself a standard massage chair of your own.

  1. Different Massage Techniques

No matter a massage chair can’t take place of human hands. Nevertheless, a massage chair comes with a lot of different types of massage techniques. The latest models are designed with 3D massage techniques that give a human touch to your message. There are heating systems and compression bags involved. A massage chair can give you pretty much everything you want from a human massage in a much lesser amount.

  1. Intelligent Power Usage

When massage chairs are not in use for a long time, it turns off automatically. I love this feature of massage chairs. The best feature for those who have memory issues like me. The massage chair turns off when sitting idle for some time.

There’s another feature which is known as ‘Session Timer’. This feature turns off the massage chair after a particular time. It is built for those who fall asleep during the massage. When the program/massage is complete, it turns off the massage chair, leading to less power usage.

Even though a massage chair costs around $1000-$4000, it is still recommended over therapeutic massage for its cost benefits. No matter how much electricity a massage chair consumes, we saw that it should be the least of your worries. There are other appliances, even our laptop that consume more energy than a massage chair.

Therefore, it is worth buying a gadget and has more benefits than its expenses.


  • How long is too long in a massage chair?

Massage chairs have built-in programs and doing one at a time is sufficient. Having a massage for more than an hour, a day is not usually recommended. Exceeding this time frame can be too long to sit in a massage chair.

  • Can I sleep in my massage chair?

Taking a nap in your massage chair is fine because it is built to fix your body curves. However, proper sleep should be taken in bed at night. Some people fall asleep during massage and that’s okay unless they don’t take it too far.

  • Can I shower after the massage chair?

You should not take shower right after using your massage chair. The muscles are softened and they are in a relaxed formation. The temperature change may stiffen your muscle. Rather you should wait for an hour after having a massage.


Your concern about how much electricity a massage chair use is truly genuine. I would rather say that’s an appropriate approach to look at things before making a decision. To our surprise, a massage chair consumes a minimal amount of energy. Lesser than you should even worry about. So enjoy your massage without worrying about it!

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