If you are fed up with massage therapists and find it difficult to always rely on someone for your comfort. Then, robots are always a better choice. So, the article is worth reading. Based on our months of research, we have reviewed the best zero-gravity massage chairs.. There is no need to always wait for your therapist to relieve your pain. All you have to do is to buy any of these and get massaged at any hour of the day. It is quite difficult to wait for someone to relieve your pain, so to overcome this difficulty massage chairs are always a better option.

In addition to this, everyone is not this rich to afford a therapist, and it’s quite difficult to visit a masseuse every time you want relaxation. So, according to the need of the hour massage chairs are the best choice. This review list is based on our research, users’ opinion, and warranty time. So, without delaying further, let’s go straight to the list of top zero-gravity massage chairs.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in 2024

1. LURACO IROBOTICS 7 Plus Massage Chair

This is the best zero-gravity massage chair available on the market. It is the only massage chair that is developed and designed in the USA for Americans. It is a quality brand and highly believes in customer satisfaction. This massage chair is developed very technically in that it is very fast responding and has a touch screen control panel. It has amazing noise-reduction technology that makes you relax in peace. It has an awesome body stretching feature that provides complete comfort.

Moreover, it has five personal user memory settings. All five settings are personalized so all family members can easily use this massage chair according to their own setting demands. In addition to this, it has three different heat intensity levels so that you can choose according to your choice. This chair has an excellent combination of things. It has a great neck massage that soothes you in a different way. Actually, this is the upgraded version of Luraco irobotics 7. It has advanced Bluetooth speakers present on the back of the chair so that you can listen to your favorite music simply by connecting it to any Bluetooth device.

It has a three-year warranty and an additional two-year warranty for separate parts. In addition to this, it has an extra layer of airbags at the calves and feet area so massage should also be done in these regions. Still, the intensity of airbags in these regions is adjustable and you can set it according to your choice. Its 3d rollers provide a perfect massage just like a masseuse. In this upgraded version, you can set the intensity of these 3d rollers at the area of the mid and lower back, calves, and feet.

It has a lot of options for personalized massage in different areas of the body. This is the perfect massage chair that relaxes you from head to toe. Like other chairs, it also has a scan feature but unlike other chairs, you can now check your blood pressure and heartbeat rate before and during the massage. So this is one of the best massage chairs available in the market.

  • Long warranty time
  • More personalized settings
  • Best 3d rollers
  • Made in the USA
  • Expensive

2. Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This real relax chair is a great choice if you want a perfect zero-gravity massage chair within an affordable range. It has all the features that a perfect chair should have. It has fifty airbags in total. These are present in different regions to support and relax different parts of the body. These areas include shoulders, arms, lower back, hips, calves, and feet. There are 8 rollers that massage different parts of the body.

It has a separate foot roller also. These heaters are FDA-approved and work great on the waist, hips, and lower back. It has a separate zero-gravity button, all you have to do is push that button and you will be in weightless condition.  This zero gravity condition further comes in three different stages. These include initial zero gravity, comfort zero gravity, and deep zero gravity. This real-relax massage chair comes with a full-body massage program.

In addition to this, it has four different pre-set automatic massages. This zero gravity massage chair has an amazing feature of the armrest linkage system. You can raise or lower the backrest of the chair according to your height. Out of the fifty airbags, four airbags alone are present at the shoulder area and there are eight massage points at the backrest. Moreover, eight airbags are present for the arm region to provide relaxation and to untie the knots in muscles.

There are twenty-four airbags available for the leg region to relieve stress and pain in the leg area and calf area. Still, this real Relax chair company doesn’t forget about feet and has separate rollers for feet. This is one of the best chairs for heat therapy. Bluetooth speakers are also present in this zero-gravity massage chair. Furthermore, it has a smart remote that makes it easy to operate this zero-gravity massage chair. This zero gravity massage chair is very affordable with all the necessary features.

  • Zero gravity system with three stages
  • 50 airbags
  • Armrest linkage system
  • 4 pre-set massages
  • Not good for people with height more than 6 ft.



This zero gravity massage chair provides full body massage with heat. It has multiple massage functions for relaxation and pain relief. This chair is quiet so there is no buzzing and you can comfort this chair with peace. One of the amazing features of this massage chair is if you are taller than 6ft, its special sensor will detect your shoulders and open an extendable footrest so it is good for all body types. There are two heating pads in the back area that enhances massage therapy and maintain your blood circulation.

This zero gravity massage chair has a total of six different massage modes that include kneading, knocking, tapping, shiatsu, air pressure, heating. In addition to this, it has 32 airbags in total that are present for different regions of the body like the waist, butt, arms, thighs, calves, feet. Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity is available so that you can play music of your choice while sitting on this zero gravity massage chair. In its zero gravity massage, it elevates legs to the level of the heart, so a person feels himself in weightless condition. This feature makes your heart work less and relax more and this will help you to relieve back pain.

It is not necessary to always choose from its 5 pre-set massages programs. You can use its manual massage system according to your choice. Moreover, to make a convenient adjustment while relaxing there is a two-handed controller so that you find it easier to use this zero gravity massage chair. So, based on its features and affordable price I would recommend this product.

  • A great chair that massages from head to toe
  • Heat function enhances massage therapy
  • Good for all body types
  • Best massage functions
  • Some users claimed that the manufacturer is not cooperative. So it is difficult to return if you find some fault in it.


This chair is the upgraded version of OSAKI OS-T 4000. Currently, it is one of the top zero massage chairs available in the market because of its upgraded features. The massage chair has is zero gravity massage. In this massage, your feet are elevated to the level of the heart, so that you feel yourself in zero gravity condition. This helps you to relieve stress and relief back pain.


This zero gravity feature enhances massage therapy and makes you feel more relaxed. The other type of massage this chair provides is air massage. As the name suggests, it uses its inflating or deflating airbags to increase or decrease the compression on various areas of the body. Its exact target is kinks on the arms, shoulders, and butt region. Moreover, it has an intelligent robot massage. In this massage, the main target is your spine.

It detects the curves of your spine and decompresses vertebral discs in a manner that gives you relaxation to the next level. In addition to this, this chair has a computerized body scan that scans your height and width by focal points at different regions like the neck and lumbar regions. So according to your height and width, this chair customizes changes and gives you a strong and healthy massage. OSAKI doesn’t forget about your feet.

There are special rollers and airbags for the foot region. This foot massage along with compression of airbags relieves aches and pain in the feet. These rollers target the acupressure points and release tension in the muscles and tissues of the foot area. This zero gravity massage chair has both automatic and manual massage chair options. The manual massage system has six different massage types that include kneading, tapping, Swedish, Clapping, rolling, and shiatsu. This chair is zero gravity massage along with a heat function that is totally incomparable.


  • Good zero gravity massage
  • Six manual massage types
  • Computerized body scan technology
  • An upgraded version of the previous model
  • Not fit for all body types


This is the upgraded version of kahuna SM-7300s. It is a reliable company and is now available in the market with advanced technology, multiple new features, and better old features. This is now designed for all body types. Persons with a height of up to 6’5” ft can easily use this chair. Moreover, this chair can bear a weight of up to 320 pounds. This kahuna SM-7300s chair has nine different automatic massage programs. These include pain relief, stretching, relaxation, yoga, athlete, fast recovery, golfer, office person, senior, and dynamic support mode.

In zero gravity mode, all these massages are enhanced and provide greater comfort than in normal mode. In addition to this, it provides a more soothing deep, and relaxing massage at your back. Its detecting technology detects the curves of your spine from the neck to the buttock area and massages this region. It has actually six-wheel rollers that massage the back of the person.

In addition to its zero-gravity feature, it has air massage technology.  In this massage, airbags provide compression and decompression to release the tension of muscles in different areas of the body. Moreover, it has both automatic and manual massage programs. Manual massage programs include kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking and tapping, knocking. Furthermore, air massage, it targets the acupressure point of arms and hands. Then in these areas, massage is done to untie muscle knots.

This also causes the blood to improve circulation. This kahuna doesn’t forget about the foot region. There are airbags that wrap around the foot and calf region. Along with zero gravity and air massage therapy, it has heat therapy at the back and leg area that has a separate on/off button. Heat therapy increases blood circulation and gives more comfort during the massage. So, while buying a massage chair, do consider it.

  • Nine different automatic programs
  • Five manual massage programs
  • Zero gravity massage + air massage technology
  • Six wheels back roller
  • Insufficient neck support


This zero gravity massage chair is designed to save maximum space. It has 38 automatic massage programs along with 4-D rollers. It has dual heaters present on the back of the spine. These heaters maintain blood pressure in the body during the massage. Moreover, the full-body stretch function works so amazingly that stretches and straightens the full body and decompresses the vertebral column and joints.

Furthermore, it has a premium sound system that comes with natural and soothing tracks that calm you during the massage. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can enjoy your favourite music during the massage. This human touch massage chair has a unique feature of extra leg extension to bend knees to avoid hyperextension during stretching. Moreover, the calf airbags can be set at a knee joint for full knee massage. It also has a heat function that aids in massage therapy. This heat function extends from the back to the knee and calf area to soothe you more during the massage.

Feet also have a massage and heat rollers are present to enhance foot massage. It has a wide range of pre-set massage programs including meditation and yoga programs. You can choose any from this vast variety. Still, if you want a customized massage and want to slow down and want to decrease pressure then you can go for a manual massage. It just feels like the real human massage therapist. In addition to this, people as tall as 6’9” ft can use this. This human touch chair can bear a weight of 300 pounds.

Moreover, it needs less wall place. So it is the best space-saving Massage chair, unlike other zero gravity massage chairs. This chair is good for tall people. Moreover, I would recommend this human touch chair for people with knee pain and lower back pain. It is a bit expensive but worth every penny if you are suffering from back pain.

  • Best space-saving design
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Wide range of automatic massages
  • Good for knee massage
  • Expensive
  • No arm Massage


This massage chair has a heat function along with massage therapy. It has four massage programs that include – stretch, relax, swing, and recover. This chair has an amazing yoga stretch feature that pulls your legs down towards the floor and back towards up. Many users found this feature really amazing and relaxing. Another amazing feature of this chair is a rolling foot massage. In this type, rollers target the acupressure points and release the tension of muscles in the foot area.

This feature is not available in all zero gravity massage chairs. The front of the chair is made up of leather and the back is made up of hard plastic. The different manual massage types are kneading, tapping, knocking, vibration, and a combination of different types. These combinations like tapping and Rolling are very unique. It gives a deep relaxation neck massage. It has all the features a good chair should have and has an affordable price.

If we talk about its warranty, then it has a 5-year warranty on steel parts, a 3-year warranty on electronic parts. It has different massage types that all work perfectly for different regions of the body. The bonus relaxing and warming feature because of its heat technology is amazing as it aids in massage therapy. This is the perfect massage chair for people who want a good zero gravity massage chair at a very reasonable price.

It is best for tall people, for taller people you simply have to push the footrest out and it can extend about 8 inches outward. It has space covering technology that doesn’t occupy all your living space like other zero gravity massage chairs. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly massage chair. This new forever zero gravity massage chair is the perfect option.

  • Good for tall people
  • Made up of leather
  • Different massage programs
  • Budget friendly
  • Shipping is not inside the outside. They will deliver outside your house. You have to take it inside on your own.



This Relaxon massage chair is a space-saving product with multiple amazing features. It has an awesome full-body stretching feature that decompresses the muscles and relaxes your body. For tall people, it has an extendable leg that can extend up to 8 inches. Moreover, it has three stages of zero gravity and four automatic massage programs that include deep tissue, relaxation, rejuvenation, and stretch. In addition to these automatic programs, it also has manual massage systems like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and a combination of two types like kneading and tapping.

It can bear a weight of up to 280 pounds. This massage chair comes with a long time five years warranty. Moreover, its adjustable features include shoulder height, massage and heat intensity, roller speed, and many more. It is one of the highest-rated massage chairs due to various reasons. It has an L track roller system that runs from the neck to the buttock area and supports and relaxes your back with a special target at the lower back.

In addition to this, you can choose a manual massage system to release stress from a particular area of your body. Moreover. You can also change the intensity and speed of the massage according to your choice. Relaxon CHAIR manufacturer is very cooperative and there is reliable customer service. It is designed to provide a human-like massage. The chair is best for deep tissue massage throughout the body and especially decompresses your spine.

It has an easy operable remote control that has a large visual screen so the user can operate this chair with one hand also. This chair is a good choice for people suffering from sciatica and lower back pain. Its dual rollers and L track innovation massages the right points and release pain, especially from sore muscles.

  • Good for deep tissue massage
  • Affordable
  • Many adjustable features
  • FDA registered
  • Good customer service
  • No feet rollers but airbags are present.


This is one of the most effective massage chairs for neck and shoulders therapy. It provides massage at different regions of the body like neck,  buttock, shoulder, calf, thigh, foot, back, etc. Its front part is made up of a very skin-friendly material that is leather.  It provides a relaxing compression air massage. In this type of massage, airbags inflate and deflate to provide massage therapy.

This massage chair detects air pressure and ensures that no part of the body is over-pressurized. This air massage type is also for different regions of the body like thighs, calves, shoulders, neck, etc. There are two heating pads located at the lumbar area that provides a warming effect to the muscles and improve blood circulation so that damaged tissue can be repaired. Furthermore, it has a seat vibration effect that stimulates blood circulation.

The manufacturer of tiny cooper doesn’t forget about foot massage. So, there are multiple airbags for the foot and leg region. The foot roller rolls backward and forward and soothes your feet. These rollers target acupressure points and relax you. It has three levels of strength and speed adjustment so that you can set its speed from strong to gentle. This tiny cooper zero gravity massage chair has a total of 8 rollers for the backrest and feet and has a total of 32 airbags that provides massage from head to toe.

Moreover, this product has a solid three-year warranty. Its amazing zero gravity feature enhances massage therapy and it does powerful deep-kneading that feels like a real massage therapist. There are heaters available in the lower back that also enhance massage therapy. So if you are looking for a perfect massage chair for the neck and shoulders at an affordable price then do consider it and it is worth every penny.

  • Best for neck and shoulder problems
  • Affordable
  • Great deep kneading massages
  • Different adjustable features
  • Foot massage rollers do a very strong message that can be hurtful.

10. ESRIGHT Massage Recliner Chair

This wonderful recliner massage chair comes with five different relaxing features that include vibrating, reclining, heating, 360° swivel, and rocking features. It has a great soft material like leather and is padded with double foam that provides you cushion at your back and armrest. Unlike other massage chairs, it has two cup holders and small bags for tiny items. It has a manual control massage recliner. It comes with a remote controller and has five different control modes so that you can choose the account of your choice.

The chair has two intensity levels. All the parts of the chair are easily assembled and you can easily operate this Esright massage chair. It has a specific heat function for the lumbar region that lessens lower back pain and gives you comfort. The leather used in this chair is breathable and water-resistant. You can easily clean this chair with a wet cloth. This leather is very durable and is the skin of a skin-friendly type.

The other good feature that mostly zero gravity chairs lack is the variety of colours which this chair has. This chair has everything you hope that it would have. Its size is perfect for even a small living room.  Moreover, you can only use the strong heater available for the back area of the body. To only use its heater feature, you simply have to on the heater button and then deselect all the five massage types.

It works smoothly and quietly so that there is no buzzing around when you are relaxing. It is designed very elegantly that it covers little space so we can say that it is a good space saver zero gravity massage chair. This chair has good features at an affordable price, so one should always consider it among the best zero gravity massage chairs.

  • Very affordable
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Skin friendly leather and cushions
  • No rolling or shiatsu options, it only offers vibrational massage..



This Divano Roma zero gravity massage chair is constructed beautifully and elegantly. The manufacturer has designed this according to the need of the hour. It has all the important features still it is very affordable. So, people with even a low budget can enjoy the perks of the best zero gravity massage chair. This Divano Roma massage chair is made up of high-quality material so you can use it for years without worrying. Its material is durable.

It has a large colour option available so that you can choose according to your wishlist. This massage chair has different airbags situated for different areas of the body. It has a visual control panel that operates the chair for manual massage programs. In addition to this, it has airbags that provide the compression effect to provide massage therapy. This compression therapy is for different regions of the body like hands, feet, and arms. This massage chair has six different massage types that have specific targets for different areas of the body. So you can operate it accordingly.

You can select a mode for specific body areas where you want to provide yourself with more relaxation. To assemble this massage chair, there is a proper user manual available. The leather used for the front of the chair is very durable and sturdy. The leather is so smooth and can be cleaned easily. In addition to the airbags for hands, feet, and arms it has full-body therapeutic bags for full-body relaxation.

Massage mode includes Air pressure strength adjustment for the back, legs, and buttock. It has a lot of adjustable features that include recliner position adjustments, hand massage settings, massage strength adjustments time set-ups, and many more. It is packed up so nicely and has a fast delivery service. So do consider it while buying the best zero gravity massage chairs.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Available with six different types of massage
  • Visual panel to operate the product
  • Provides a comfortable massage
  • Relaxes body in an entirely different and comforting way
  • Large space is required
  • It has no reclining feature


This Ootori massage chair is delivered in three packages that include different parts of the chair. These three packages include a seat, armrest, and back. It has a total of eight massage systems that detect the shape of your body and then provide a customized massage according to your body.

Its air massage and eight massage systems work together and then give a perfect massage. Its zero gravity feature works to reduce the effect of gravity on your back and other body parts. This feature minimizes stress and relieves pain. Because of this feature, you will feel energized during and after a zero gravity massage. In addition to this, it has an acupuncture foot roller massage system that targets the acupressure points and releases pain.

At the same time, the air massage system applies pressure to the downward legs that relax you even more and makes the deepest massage possible. It has a heat function that increases the blood flow in vessels. This heat therapy actually dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood and nutrients into the vessels.

It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can enjoy your favourite music during the massage.  This Ootori chair has re-engineered the air massage design. This design has reduced airbags and valves but has increased surface coverage. Because of this feature, it results in a more accurate and complete massage.

  • Very affordable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Number of amazing features
  • Not suitable for all body types

Things to Consider When Buying a Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Buying Guide

Massage chair buying should not be taken lightly as it requires a heavy investment. Whether it is a portable massage chair or a zero gravity massage chair. So do consider facts and figures before investing a huge amount. We will help you to buy the perfect one and that will be worth every penny.


The first and foremost fact you have to consider while buying the massage chair is the overall amount. Most of the time the price increases when additional charges are added then it becomes out of the budget and a person then finds it embarrassing. So according to my research, I am roughly saying that a good massage chair may cost from $3000 to $10000.

If you are looking for the best choice then, you have to pay heavily as the low budget chairs will surely have some tempting features and will lack some advanced technology features. So if you can afford it then, go for the expensive but perfect chair.

Massage Functions

The other most important feature you have to keep in mind is massage functions. Normally there are two types of massage functions that are low-end massage chairs and high-end massage chairs. I would recommend high-end massage chairs because they have a vast variety of massage types. High-end massage chairs also have heat and other advanced features that provide comfort to your body to the next level. A zero gravity massage chair is the perfect example.

Massage Position

Next important feature you have to consider while buying is the massage position. A good massage chair provides massage in all areas of the body. Still, you have to consider the chair according to your need. For example, if you are suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain then you must have to check whether your selected massage chair is providing massage at that particular area of the neck or not. You also have to check whether the chair has rollers and airbags at that specific neck region or not. A good massage chair has rollers and airbags at the legs and calf muscles. Some also provide smooth massage at the foot region.

Thumb Like massage

Some advanced massage chairs have a thumb-like massage feature that makes you feel like if a masseuse is treating you.

Massage Rollers

Massage rollers are also an essential part of the massage chair. The thing you have to check for the massage chair is the number and range of the rollers. Some also check the width and height of the rollers because these are the mains for a good massage.  So, to buy a perfect chair, massage rollers should be present for the back area, arms, and also the foot region. Still, it depends on your choice at which particular area you want more strong massage.

Massage Airbags

Massage airbags are the necessary tools for air massage therapy. Because these airbags inflate and deflate to provide massage. When these airbags inflate, they compress the muscles and releases muscle tension. In a good massage chair, these airbags are present in the back, arms, and legs region. Some chairs also have airbags for the foot region.

If you are looking for a more advanced massage chair, then go for the chair that has both roller and airbags as the combination of both these features provides an amazing massage therapy that you are looking for.

Heated Function

The heated massage function is very important because it maintains blood circulation during the massage. Moreover, heated function enhances massage therapy in an entirely different way. It helps to dilate blood vessels that increase the flow of blood and nutrients so the damaged tissue can also be repaired if you properly use a massage chair with this heated function. Moreover, if you only want to use its heating function without using massage then some good massage chairs do have this feature. You simply have to on the heat button and deselect all massage types then you will enjoy heat function without massage therapy.

Recline functioning

Recline functioning is the most important one. A good massage chair must have these functions. One of these includes zero gravity. This concept of zero gravity actually comes from astronauts that feel the condition of weightlessness in space. When you are in a massage chair, you can still feel this weightless condition. In this situation, your legs are brought up to the level of your heart so that your heart should work minimum and relaxes more. It increases blood circulation in the body, reduces tension, and lowers the heart beating rate. All this is just a single push away. You just have to on the button. Research also revealed that the massage during this reclining position offers deeper massage and more relaxation.

Massage programs

The other feature you have to consider is massage programs. Every massage chair has different pre-programmed massage options. In this feature, the massage chair simply detects different areas of the body and deal with them accordingly. This advanced feature detects the height and width of the body and uses body mapping technology by detecting responses of different parts of the body.

Health Adjustments

Health adjustment is also a good feature in different massage chairs. In this feature, the chair checks your blood pressure and heartbeat rate before and during the massage so that you can deal with yourself accordingly.


The material from which a chair is made up should be durable. Most good massage chairs are made up of leather. You must have to check whether the massage chair is made up of synthetic material or not. Because the chair generates heat on a daily basis so a good heat-resistant material can bear this. Otherwise, mediocre material will tear up soon. Synthetic materials can go a long way and are heat and water-resistant.


Last but not least feature you have to keep in mind while buying a massage chair is its warranty. A chair with a longer warranty should have on the top of your list. Because it is necessary that your chair should work smoothly and efficiently.

If you have specific health problems, they must consult your physician before buying the massage chair. Check out every possible feature and make sure that the one you are buying has everything you want. Best of luck!

You can also read about budget massage chairs here.


What is a zero gravity massage chair?

Zero gravity is actually a condition of weightlessness. In this reclining position, the legs of a person are brought up to the level of the heart so that heart does minimum work. In this condition, it increases blood circulation in the body and releases the tension of the muscles. It enhances massage therapy in an amazing way that relaxes you.

What is the best zero gravity Massage chair?

LURACO IROBOTICS 7 PLUS MASSAGE CHAIR is our top pick due to its quality features.

How does a massage chair work?

To use a massage chair, you simply have to sit on it and on the button. As soon as you push on the button z you will feel like a masseuse is treating you but for sure there is no masseuse inside the chair but it is the advanced technology that helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

How much power do massage chairs consume?

The massage chair roughly consumes 150-300 watts. Still, it depends on the model and size of the chair. But roughly estimating, it consumes the power as same as the normal home computer consumes. So, it is quite affordable like other electrical home appliances. It will not put a burden on the electrical system of the house.

How much does a massage chair cost?

A normal massage chair ranges from $2000 to $10000. It depends on the budget and how much expensive can you afford. Still, it should not be taken lightly so you have to check every possible feature before investing in any massage chair.

What are the advantages of a massage chair?

The advantages of a good massage chair have been

  • Better digestion
  • Smoother rehabilitation
  • Stronger immune system
  • Can repair damaged tissues
  • Increases flexibility
  • Time-efficient
  • Efficient lymphatic system

Where will I keep my massage chair?

Ideally, the massage chair should be considered as part of your furniture. So you should buy a massage chair of an appropriate size that can fit your furniture. You should buy a massage chair that doesn’t occupy your living space.

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All of the above-mentioned chairs are the best and top quality. Still, Luraco Irobotics 7 plus massage chair tops our list. It has all the best features a perfect chair should have. Massage chairs provide great comfort and release your stress whether it is a premium quality chair or something budget-friendly. If you want a chair that doesn’t occupy your living space then go for Human Touch Super Novo massage chair.

if you want a chair with all the best features at a cheap price, then go for a new Forever Rest massage chair. Relaxon, tiny cooper, Enright, and Divano Roma all are available in an affordable range. If you want a strong message in a particular area then check the massage chair accordingly. I have mentioned all the best zero gravity massage chairs in my list that is totally based on my research and users’ opinion. Still, buying a chair is quite personal so go for your best choice. All my best wishes are with you people!

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