If you are looking for the best portable massage chair for your business or you want a chair for your home, then you have come to the right place. Based on our months of research and testing of portable chairs, again and again, we have selected the best massage chair for you. These massage chairs provide you with soothing and calming effects. After a day full of work, everybody wants to have a massage to remove stress. EARTHLITE portable massage chair is our top pick.

But wait there is more, we have selected chairs on the basis of durability, portability, adjust-ability, and comfort. Price and performance are the two factors you need to consider while buying a portable massage chair. You have to worry no more, we have solved this issue for you. We have reviewed the 10 top portable massage chairs for you based on our months of research.

Best Portable Massage Chairs | Top Pick Reviews

1. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair 

EARTHLITE is the world’s best manufacturer of massage equipment and tools. They have won many awards because of their excellent work. The EARTHLITE Massage chair is our top pick due to the following features:

Easy to Use and Lightweight

The chair has multiple face arms. In addition to that, it has various seat adjustments, which are optimal for client positioning. This portable chair is extremely lightweight, weighing only 15lbs. Thus it is easy to carry and excellent for client work. You can travel with this chair easily. A nylon carry case comes with a chair. You just need to put the chair into it.

Compact Design

The portable chair is padded with high-quality pro-lite cushioning. This makes the massage chair extremely comfortable to use. The buttery soft Natursoft padding makes it last longer. It is the best portable massage chair for both home use and massage therapist.


The headrest is adjustable, which is an excellent feature. Due to this, this chair can accommodate a person of varying heights. The sternum cushion is an excellent feature. It gives you excellent cooling and calming effect.

This chair can support clients up to 300 pounds. But the only drawback of this chair is that it tends to move unsteadily sometimes. However, it has good features and is an excellent buy if you are looking for a quality product.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Compatibility
  • Wobbly

Thus due to excellent compatibility, greater comfort, and lightweight, this portable chair comes first in our list.

2. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

Master massage has been creating portable massage chairs for over 20 years. Their success is based on user experience and regular testing of the massage chairs. They are one of the biggest brands in the spa industry. This portable chair has the following features

Strong Aircraft

The aircraft is lightweight and made up of an aluminum steel frame. The coating of steel makes it extremely strong. Thus preventing it from any kind of rust and scratches. It can support a weight of around 650lbs due to its aluminum steel frame. Thus this massage chair can support heavyweight.

Adjustable Face Cradle

The massage chair has a 6-way adjustable face cradle. It allows us to set the position of the face cushion according to the client’s face. This reduces the pressure on the cheekbone and forehead. Thus this allows maximum comfort and relaxation.

Portability and Durability

The chair has wheels that allow it to move from one place to another. It has a small pouch where you can store your accessories. In addition to that, it has a carrying case which makes it durable and protects from any kind of external material.

Cushioning System

The chair has a small cell foaming cushioning system. This allows the chair to easily adjust to each type of client. Thus it provides a therapeutic and calming effect to your client.

Thus this chair has some good features, but the chair is not suitable for shorter clients. In addition to that, there is no clear instruction guide.

  • Strong Aircraft
  • Adjustable face cradle
  • Portability and durability
  • Good cushioning System
  • Not for small people
  • No clear instruction guide

Thus this chair is runner-up in our list due to strong aircraft and adjustable face cradle.

3. Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Chair By Best Massage Store

Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Chair  By Best Massage Store

If you have a low budget, then this chair is for you. The portable chair is developed by the Best Massage Store. Here are a few of its important features:

Quality Foam

It is upholstered with high-density foam, which gives you superior ability and durability.


The chair is oil and waterproof, which gives you extra durability. This chair gives you a therapeutic and healing experience. It has a compact and fold-able flat design with a nylon carrying case. The nylon carrying case protects from the external environment. In addition to that, it has a heavy-duty metal frame that prolongs its lifetime.

Easy to Use

The portable massage chair is lightweight and easy to use. It is easy to assemble, and the instructions are easily written. In addition to that, it has a quick-release lock system and slip-free footing.

This portable chair has great features with respect to its price. But this chair has some drawbacks, it only supports 250lbs, and the seat is ear to the bar.

  • Easy to use
  • Quality foam
  • Durability
  • 250 lbs support
  • The seat is near the bar

Thus, the portable massage chair is a top portable chair for the money due to its quality foam, durability, and easy-to-use features.

4. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II


STRONGLITE is one of the oldest brands of massage chairs. This chair is available in 6 colors. It has the following features

Lightweight and compact

The portable chair is lightweight and compact. It has a T6 aluminum alloy coating, which gives it extra shine. The double patent design adds extra stability.

Portability and Adjust-ability

The chair is easily fold-able and very easy to move from one place to another. It has a nylon carrying case that provides protection from the outside. The chair is adjustable for both short and tall clients. Massage Therapists can easily adjust client positioning without any stress.

Body Alignment

The chair is helpful for people looking for correct body alignment. The chair also provides you with knee rest and telescoping legs. It is a great feature to remove all the stress of your client.

Thus this chair has good features, but the armrest weight capacity is the problem. You cannot put enough pressure on the arms region for the comfort of your client.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portability and adjust-ability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good body alignment
  • The armrest weight capacity is not enough.

To sum up, due to its ergonomic design and good body alignment, this chair is a good buy. But armrest weight capacity is its drawback.

5. Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

Giantex portable massage chair


The chair has an armrest and head support, which is compatible with all kinds of clients. Thus it can provide a soothing and calming experience to your client.

Compact Design

The portable chair has a compact design with a carrying bag. It is excellent for space-saving. It is easy to use and has great space-saving features.


The chair has an aluminum coating, which makes it a durable product. The leather is oil and weather-resistant, which prolongs its life. It has high-density small-cell foam padding. Thus it is a heavy-duty and solid product that is excellent for business use.

But this chair has a problem for short people. You should have extra support to become comfortable on the massage chair.

  • Adjust-ability
  • Durability
  • Compact design
  • Not recommended for short people

Thus this chair is recommended for commercial use, but it is not suitable for short people.

6. NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair

NRG Grasshopper

The chair is developed by NRG, which has the philosophy that the simplest designs are the best solutions to every problem.

Easy to Use

It is lightweight and easy to use with a carrying case. Then you can easily move it from one place to another.


The chair is upholstered with Levante vinyl, which increases the lifetime of the chair. The aluminum frame makes it perfect for long-term use.


The seat, chest pad, and armrest are adjustable for every type of client.

But the chair is not stable enough, which is one of its drawbacks. You need to look at this before buying this chair.

  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • Adjust-ability
  • Not stable enough

Thus this chair is a good option, but if you are looking for better options with the same features. Then we suggest that the above products are the better choice.

7. Pisces Pro Dolphin II Full Body Massage Chair

Pisces Pro Dolphin II

Pro Dolphin chair has some interesting features. Here are some of these:


The chair has an interesting feature of going from vertical to full horizontal. Your client remains seated, and you do not need to put any kind of strain on your wrist.


The chair has some good mechanics, and you simply need to lean with your body weight. In this way, you can eliminate injuries and strains on your muscles. This chair helps you to develop proper body alignment.


The chair is lightweight, and you can easily rotate the chair by using your hind wheels. Knee pads are also removable

Thus this chair has some good features, but this chair has no carrying case and is very expensive for the price. Due to the carrying case, it has no protection from the outside environment.

  • Flexibility
  • Mechanics
  • Lightweight
  • No carrying case
  • Very expensive for the price

Thus, due to no carrying case and the costly nature of the chair, this chair comes at seven in our list.

8. Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Massage Chair

Ataraxia Deluxe

The chair has a variety of features which makes a spot on our list

Premium Case

The chair has a premium case that protects it from any kind of external damage.


The chair has a solid steel-free frame which prolongs its life. It is free from any kind of noise. Oil and water-resistant properties also increase the durability of chairs.


The chair is lightweight and portable. It is adjustable for varying body positions, which is a great feature for users.

But the chair has problems with its design due to which it comes at the bottom of your list. Pads are not centered on the frame.

  • Premium case
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • The design is not good

Thus, if you want to buy a chair with good features and excellent performance, then you must look at the above option. The chair, due to its average design, comes at no eight on our list.

9. Therabuilt Apex Portable Massage Chair

Therabuilt Apex

The rebuilt portable massage chairs are built by the therapist’s choice. The chair has thick foam, maximum comfort, and a free carrying case. It has the following good features


The chair has a free carrying case with a 1-year warranty in manufacturer defect. It also has a 3-year warranty on the face cradle. This allows its protection from the external environment and makes it a durable product.

Sturdy Frame

It has a metallic frame and does not wobble getting on and off during the massage. Thus it provides an excellent user experience and is good for back pain.

Easy to Use

The massage chair is lighter and easy to use, which makes it a good buy.

According to our research, this chair is good for home use, but if you want the chair for professional use as a therapist, then better to look at the above design.

  • Durable
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to use
  • Not for professional use
  • Serrated metal and plastic use

Thus this massage chair is not recommended for professional use according to our research.

10. Portable Back Massage Chair by Belmint For Pain Relief

Belmint Portable Massage Chair

Ergonomic Design

This chair has an ergonomic design that allows you to sit for hours. The fabric is soft and breathable to maintain your body temperature.


The chair is easy to use and has greater portability. You can easily move it from one place to another. So it is safe for traveling. You can set the intensity level and turn the heat function.

Soothing Vibration

The chair has soothing vibrations and removes any kind of stress from your back, thigh, and hamstring.

But this chair has a problem for a short person, and you have to lower yourself for a neck massage. If you are looking for more features in the same price range, then the above options are a good choice.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Portability
  • Soothing vibration
  • Not for a short person

Thus, due to fewer features than the above chair, this product comes at the bottom of our top 10 portable massage chair.

Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Massage Chair

Buying a good performance chair requires lots of research and study. Some essential factors need to be kept in mind. The following things need to be considered while buying a portable massage chair

  • Budget

Budget is an important factor when buying an electric massage chair, especially if you are buying it for commercial value. But you do not need to worry, we have selected the best portable massage chair for you in terms of budget. Budget is an essential factor, but performance cannot be ignored. Sometimes, a low-budget item does not possess all the features you need. So never compromise performance over budget. A high-performance item will help you in long-term projects. We have reviewed some of the top-quality chairs for you.

  • Durability and Portability

If the chair is prepared with good material, it will be more durable. This will help you in long-term projects. Greater ease of use helps you to move the chair from one place to another. You can also travel with a chair and place it anywhere in your home. Our reviews are especially based on these two qualities, so buy with confidence.

  • Frame and Protection

An excellent frame makes the massage chair durable. A good frame can withstand any kind of weight. So buy a massage chair with a good frame. In addition to that, a carrying case protects the chair from the external environment during traveling. Most of our chairs have these properties.

  • Adjust-ability

Adjust-ability is another essential factor for massage therapists to consider. Some chairs are adjustable to knee pads. Greater adjust-ability means that you have greater capability to adjust to client weight, height, and build.

  • Material

PVC-free vinyl chairs are recommended for buying. They contain no harmful gas emissions, which keeps your client healthy.

  • Weight capacity

A portable massage chair weighs from 200 to 1000 pounds. If you are buying a massage chair for commercial use, then buy the chair with more weight so that it can be with a variety of people. But if you are buying it for home use, then you need to buy it by considering your weight.

  • Safety

Safety is another critical factor you need to consider while buying a massage chair. You should buy a massage chair for your client, which has more safety options.

  • Warranty

Warranty is an important factor whether you are buying a portable chair with wheels or a simple one. All the above massage chairs have a warranty of 1 to 3 years, So buy with confidence and trust.

  • Size

Size is an important factor when buying a chair. You do not need to buy a massage chair that is too big nor too small. Always buy a chair that provides maximum comfort and adjust-ability to your client.

Advantages of a Portable Massage Chair

  • More accessible

It has greater ease of use. You can take it anywhere. Massage is an important factor in modern-day life. You need a massage after a day full of stress and work. It provides a soothing and calming effect on your body. A portable massage chair allows you greater versatility and usability. They are much more stable, and the client will feel protected. It will greatly help you in your commercial work and can increase your number of clients. If you are at work or a traveling massage therapist, then this massage chair is best for you.

  • Lightweight

Lightweight massage chairs are excellent for massage. It can be used for upper body massage, neck, and head massage. So this chair provides greater ease for your customer.

  • Strength and Comfort

Strength and comfort should be considered when buying a good massage chair. Chairs that are easier to sit in are more helpful to your customer and commercial use. The strength of a massage chair depends upon the intensity of the massage. Make sure that the massage chair has appropriate massage intensity.

Portable Massage Chair Brands

Here is the list of the top 3 brands of portable massage chair

  • Earthlite

It is one of the best brands to provide you with massage tools. Earthlite is one of the best manufacturers of portable massage chairs.

  • Master Massage

Master Massage is one of the oldest brands of massage tools. They have a great user experience and provide a great range of massage chairs.

  • Best Massage Store

Another reputable brand of portable chairs is the Best Massage store. They provide you with high-quality massage chairs on a low budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a massage chair be fold-able?

Yes, massage chairs can be fold-able, and you can carry them from one place to another during traveling. Some models come with a carrying case that protects them from the external environment.

  • Can I injure myself during a massage?

Most massage chairs are safe to use. You need to read a proper instructions guide on how to use a massage chair. If you do not read the guide, it will result in serious injuries. So better read the full manual.

  • What is the lifetime of a massage chair?

The massage chair will last for 15 to 20 years, depending on its usage. Massage chairs need upgrades over time. So if you maintain a portable chair properly, it will be helpful for a long time.

  • What is the use of massage mats?

Massage mat reduces all the stress from your body. Thus it provides you with a soothing and calming effect. It increases the blood supply and gives you the energy to work back again.

  • How to correctly massage your neck with a massage chair?

Carotid arteries that run along the side of the neck are very crucial during the massage. They respond to changes in blood pressure. Massaging these arteries can decrease blood pressure and makes you faint.

  • What is the best portable massage chair?

According to our research, the Earthlite portable massage chair is the best in the business. It has greater ease of use and durability.

  • How can I use a portable massage chair?

You should only use a massage chair after a fairly active day. There is no point in using a massage chair daily. If you use it daily, then you cannot work without a massage. So better to use it when you really need it.

  • How to find good features on a low budget?

All the above-mentioned massage chairs have good features. We have reviewed every kind of massage chair by considering budget and performance. So always buy with confidence.

  • What people use massage chairs?

Massage chairs are essential components of many people’s daily life. Massage therapists, Beauty saloons, and Tattoo studios require a massage chair for their daily work. Without a massage chair, this department cannot perform its daily functions.

  • What is the best time for a massage?

The best time for a massage is after your daily activities. After your long routine, you come back to your home or go to a massage therapist. This will remove all the stress from your body.


Thus this is a full guide about the portable massage chair. According to our months of research, Earthlite is the top portable massage chair. A portable massage chair by a Massage store is best in terms of budget. Master Massage professional is runner-up on our list. We have compiled this data through months of research, reading customer reviews, and company profiles. These chairs are reviewed on the basis of durability, portability, and safety.

Now it all depends on you which massage chair you are going to buy. A massage chair is not the thing you are going to buy daily. So always consider performance first. I hope you like our guide. Feel free to ask us any questions about the massage chair in the comments section below.

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